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The Flintstones Story

Learn more about the story behind The Flintstones set.

Meet the Fan Designer

Originally from Manchester, England, US-based designer Andrew creates artwork for video games. In his free time, he creates art as well as photography. But his big passion is building LEGO® sets, both official ones and his own designs.

How and when did you get into building with LEGO® bricks?

I remember being amazed by all the details and working functions from my brother’s 8860 Technic Car set, from around 1985. I liked to build cars, robots and spaceships. As with most LEGO fans, there was a period when other things took over, but around 2013, I got back into it and found LEGO CUUSO, now known as LEGO Ideas.
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What inspired you to make this Flintstones model?

I have fond memories of watching The Flintstones growing up, and even now as an adult I enjoy it. I wanted to bring those memories to life in a LEGO build that would be fun for kids, nostalgic for adults and would translate well into a LEGO set.

I love how The Flintstones have most of the tech we have, such as a music player but done in a primitive way, such as a bird’s beak playing the music disc, and the grass gets eaten, rather than cut!

What was the biggest design challenge with this model?

The design challenge with this set was capturing the fun and all the details of the show. It took about 88 hours in total and I used about 770 LEGO bricks in total, including Minifigures.

How did it feel reaching the 10,000 votes and then becoming the next LEGO Ideas set?

It took around 14 months to reach 10K and the support ebbed and flowed depending on how much time I spent promoting it. At 9996, I had to go to a meeting, but in my mind, I was yelling ‘Yabba Dabba Doo!’