A to Z of Awesome

Welcome to The A-Z of Awesome

To celebrate our incredible LGBTQIA+ fans, we’re inviting the community to build a colorful alphabet of identities out of LEGO® bricks!

Can I take part in the A-Z of Awesome?

You bet! If you’re inspired by the amazing builds you see below, it couldn’t be easier for you to join in…

Step 1: Pick it

Choose a word from our custom alphabet below, or come up with your own

Step 2: Build it

Create something that defines what that word means to you

Step 3: Share it

Upload it to social media with #AtoZofAwesome for us to see!

“Sooo… you’re celebrating… anything else?”

Absolutely! Our commitment to the community doesn’t stop here. This year we’ll be making a donation to our LGBTQIA+ charity partners.

L is for Lesbian“And for Love”, as creator Tash explains. “This is my love island, inspired by my girlfriend. When you grow up feeling different, it can be isolating but she’s my safe space, my harbor in a storm…”
G is for GayThe Ugly Duckling means a lot to Bruce. “I grew up feeling ostracized, bullied, different, separated from where I felt I belonged. Eventually, I found that sense of belonging in the LGBTQIA+ community, and who I was no longer felt strange and ugly. I found my family, and I felt seen. And beautiful.”
B is for Bisexual“The colors of the Bi Flag on the ground are swirled around the minifigure to show how the different aspects can overlap,” explains Laura. “Bisexuality isn’t always a linear ‘path’. It’s something that you are. It’s open and overlapping.”
T is for Trans“The butterfly is a symbol for many people who are trans,” says Jeannie, “as it’s about coming out as your real self after being trapped in a cocoon. The Trans Gender Garden also includes 8 hearts hidden within the wings to show the love we need to have for ourselves.”
Q is for Queer“Queer isn’t an easy term to explain,” as Marko… well… explains. “It represents lots of different things to different people. But it’s the coming together of varied parts of the community that represent its true strength and beauty. You just need to look at it from the right angle…”
I is for Intersex“The black and white tiles represent the sex and gender binary,” says Pidgeon, “with one standing out to represent intersex people like me! It’s not a negative but a unique, wonderful thing to be celebrated; a ‘special’ tile among a sea of cookie-cutter pieces, which flips the outdated narrative.
A is for Asexual“Or Ace”, as Kami suggests. “In my experience coming to my identity, I found that the world is full of so much beauty and wonder. Color, music, texture, art… I can’t imagine a world without these things being a center point of life. And spending time with my dog is cool too!”
+ is for… you guessed it…“The plus in LGBTQIA+ acknowledges the many identities that aren’t part of the acronym,” explains Grant. “My build is a castle, because as a family we are protective of each other. The community always needs to be an inclusive place, affirming and loving those within its walls – and those not yet able to be there.”

Meet and Greet

Get to know some of the creators who have already built letters for the A-Z.

Get to know… Hope!

Hope has dedicated her life to supporting young LGBTQIA+ folks of color, and her excellent build pays tribute to those themes of intersectionality.

Get to know… the GayFOLS!

Jeannie, Grant, and founder Bruce discuss the importance of the (spectacularly titled) GayFOL community!

Get to know… Pidgeon!

When Pidgeon first learned they were intersex, they didn’t even know what it meant! Find out what they learned on their journey to self-discovery.