Best Educational Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Best Educational Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Learning is fun with this range of LEGO® DUPLO® toys designed to spark the young imaginations of kids. 

Encourage creativity and boost the development of key skills of your child, such as spatial awareness and fine motor ability, with our educational toys for 2-year-olds

Kids will love learning through play – and it’ll give them the very best start as they begin their education about the world and everything around them.

LEGO® DUPLO® – Happy Childhood Moments

Magical memories — even those yet to be made — come to life with the Happy Childhood Moments playset, as kids can celebrate Chinese and Lunar New Year or their first day at Kindergarten through imaginative roleplay. 

This 227-piece set can easily transform from a place of festive celebration to a kindergarten classroom, allowing little ones to build an emotional awareness towards cultures and traditions while preparing for new daily routines.

2-year-olds can spend hours developing their fine motor skills as they play with this set’s many features including opening doors and windows, textiles, opening drawers, a rotating dim sum table, and a slide for characters to ride.

LEGO DUPLO – Barn, Tractor & Farm Animal Care

Bring the world of farming home with this fun-packed playset, perfect for kids with a fascination for animals and tractors! 

Toddlers can learn by playing with the various animals of the farm, including a pig, sheep, horse, dog, hen, rooster and cows, not to mention the farmer and her family as well as the big green tractor!

Through roleplaying farm activities, such as feeding the animals and riding the tractor, children develop their social and emotional awareness as well as expand the reach of their imagination.

LEGO DUPLO – Amusement Park

Girls and boys, step right up! The funfair is coming to town and this exciting array of rides and attractions is certain to capture little imaginations. 

With seven LEGO DUPLO characters to play with and four fairground rides for them to enjoy, there are hours of joy to be had at the fair! The Ferris wheel also comes with a ‘rainbow’ light brick, perfect for creating a carnival atmosphere.

As well as the main attractions, this 95-piece set comes with lots of cool accessories like hot dogs, ice creams, a camera, balloons, cupcakes, a broom and a teddy bear.

LEGO DUPLO – Modular Playhouse

2-year-olds can learn all about everyday life with this contemporary LEGO DUPLO dollhouse, which can easily be converted into three different house designs! 

The versatile and rebuildable house set comes packed with modern appliances and homely accessories, including an opening fridge, guitar, teddy bear and a rocking horse.

With this easy-to-build, open-plan, three-in-one playhouse, kids can improve their social and emotional awareness while developing their fine motor skills as they build, play, renovate and play again.

LEGO DUPLO – Horse Stable and Pony Care

This 65-piece stable set is perfect for horse lovers looking to take the reins of running a stable and caring for their very own horse and pony. Giddy up! 

Be sure to keep the horses fed and well-watered before taking them out for a ride and use the broom and shovel to keep their stables clean and tidy.

This hands-on playset is great for helping 2-year-olds develop their social and emotional awareness through open-ended roleplay, which will help them grow their own imaginations for countless hours of fun and learning.

LEGO DUPLO – Space Shuttle Mission

3… 2… 1… Liftoff! Explore the solar system and touch down on the moon with this openable LEGO DUPLO space shuttle and radar-mounted roaming buggy! 

Little astronauts can blast off into space and roleplay an infinite number of stories as they explore their imagination to create narratives of adventure and discovery.

The building instructions for this 23-piece set comes complete with a picture story, which helps to bring the male and female astronaut characters to life and can act as rocket fuel for growing imaginations.

LEGO® Education – My XL World

LEGO® Education My XL World

Price329,99 €

The world just got a whole lot bigger. With 480 colorful LEGO DUPLO bricks, characters, wheelbases, and more, the My XL World playset allows children to better understand the people and places that make up their community. 

At almost 500 elements the set is big, but the learning possibilities are even bigger. Specially designed for small groups of children it brings real-world roles and responsibilities to life in a way that fosters confidence, and social-emotional skills like collaboration, idea sharing, and communication.

This playset comes with a Getting Started card that features five ideas of fun learning activities that can be used at home and in the classroom.

LEGO DUPLO – Family Camping Van Adventure

“If you go down to the woods today…” Embark on an outdoor adventure by loading up the camping van before finding the best spot to pitch your tent and gathering around the campfire for a family sing-along and delicious teas and hot chocolates. 

This exciting camping playset helps children develop a taste for the great outdoors while teaching them the value of spending quality time with their families.

As they build the models with bricks and pieces that have been designed with little hands in mind, parents and carers can share important learning milestones with their children while roleplaying narratives and encouraging open-ended play.

LEGO DUPLO – Bath Time Fun: Floating Red Panda

Splash along with red panda as they bob around the bathtub in a floating water ring and help to make the bath a place of play and cognitive development.

As they play with and wash the cute red panda, children improve their spatial awareness and learn the importance of staying clean while developing good hygiene habits.

LEGO DUPLO – Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train

Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train

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Price19,99 €

Splash splash! All-aboard the Floating Animal Train! Ride the waves with a polar bear, a hippo and a duck as they bob along in their detachable different-colored floating rings. 

These three friendly animals love the water and having a bath so be sure to help them stay clean with the wash bucket and rain cloud!

It’s easy to encourage kids to build, play and enjoy their time in the bath with this easy-to-clean floating LEGO DUPLO playset.

LEGO DUPLO – Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island

Last Chance

Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Price44,99 €
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Make waves with this wonderful floating island that’s sure to engage young minds and little hands as they build and play with a wide range of characters, including a lion, fish, octopus and a flamingo! 

Toddlers can boost their fine motor skills, imagination and creativity with this colorful 14-piece playset that brings more fun to bath time.

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