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LEGO® City Stuntz: Stunt Cars and Bikes

Discover action-filled fun with LEGO® City Stuntz. With your very own LEGO stunt cars and stunt bikes, perform daring tricks and amaze the crowd! Check out all the LEGO City Stuntz sets below.

LEGO® City Stuntz sets

Stuntz Bikes: Powered by Flywheel

These small gifts pack a big punch, thanks to our flywheel technology! Kids can activate the flywheel to instantly launch their Stunt Bikes (plus their awesome riders) higher, faster and longer, into the most adrenaline-pumping stunts they can imagine!

Car-crushing monster trucks. Need we say more?

Here’s a fun sentence for you: With these monster trucks, crushing cars is just the start. Thrill-seeking kids will love roaming through LEGO® City with these XXXL vehicles, performing backflips, or making impossible jumps, or spinning through a ring of fire… with spinning rockets… What will your kid do?

Collect and Combine!

Each Stuntz set comes with an awesome themed accessory to help kids take their tricks to the next level. From scary spiders to piranha ponds to whackable walls to rotating rockets… Check them out below!

Endless Stunts = Endless Action

There’s instant action from the moment kids get their hands on these Stuntz sets, but kids can mix and match different LEGO® City Stuntz sets in endless combinations to keep the action coming by putting them in charge of their play journey. What crazy stunts will they pull off next?!

Familiar faces. Unforgettable moves

To help kids nurture their narrative skills as they stunt their way around the City, the newest Stuntz sets feature minifigure characters from the hugely popular LEGO® City Adventures TV series – each bringing their beloved unique personalities to your kids’ playtime!