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LEGO® Arts & Crafts sets: Gift endless self-expression

For doodlers and sketchers and artists in the making. From friendship bracelets to picture holders to craft ideas and everything in between, LEGO® Arts and Crafts sets are designed for the most creative kids – the ones brimming with ideas, who love to show off their work. This holiday season, give them the ultimate craft project.
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    41906 Pineapple Pencil Holder
    Please peruse this perfect pineapple, providing a place to put plenty of pencils – pens, perhaps? Here’s the one pineapple with a face kids can customize any way they’d like. And it’s so useful, too!
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It’s the season of traditions. But not rules.

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How can we help kids be themselves?

“Just be yourself!” Kids hear that a lot. But what does that mean for them? The thing about growing up is, it’s a time when you are trying to find out exactly who you are. And we grownups know that’s easier said than done.
That’s why, with our Arts and Crafts range, we focus on giving kids a blank canvas. We provide all the tools needed to fully express themselves and have fun while doing it – without overthinking it.
LEGO® Arts and Crafts sets bring the creativity out in everyone. From our perspective, it’s self-expression as it’s meant to be. We hope you agree.

Arts and crafts lover at home? We hear some castles over here could do with a bit of reno...

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