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LEGO® dragon toys: Discover legends on wings

Kids with wild imaginations need something that can keep up with them. It helps if that something has wings. And if it can breathe fire, all the better! Rumor has it, some dragons are pretty good at breakdancing too – but that depends on the kid that’s training them.
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    71721 Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon
    Maybe this missile-shooting, spider-storing, undead skeleton dragon figure is misunderstood. Or maybe it isn’t. Only playtime will tell.
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Dragon toys make great gifts for kids. Why is that?

At first sight, it’s obvious why children are fascinated by dragons. They’re huge, magical, and they breathe fire! Here at the LEGO Group, we’re huge fans too.

But there’s something to be said about how kids use dragons to overcome emotions like fear. Because dragons – as spectacular and fantastical as they are – are deliberately scary creatures. That’s why when kids first play with them, they usually cast them as “baddies” to be defeated.

But sooner or later that narrative gives way to something even more interesting. After enough playtime, children realize it’s much more fun to have them as an ally than a foe, looking past their appearance and realizing their inherent value. It’s an attitude we always try to keep in mind.

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