LEGO® City: Life and Work

LEGO® City: Life and Work

From the everyday school bus and garbage truck runs, to the not-so-everyday hospitalized clowns... Discover imaginative sets that breathe life into LEGO® City.

LEGO® City: Let's Make Awesome

Not every workday can be awesome. Unless, by some chance, you happen to work in LEGO® City.

A Very Serious Hospital

Look, we like to have fun. But not here. Nothing to see, all very serious. (Wait, what’s that clown doing there?!)

It’s time to take out the trash...

Wait, that sounded ominous. We meant it literally.

Have a Beach Day

Ahh, those childhood beach trips... Sunbathing, swimming, quad bikes, sea turtle egg hatchings, and men in green ice cream outfits. Classic.

Turn up the heat

Everyday routines are a little different over at LEGO® City Fire & Police...
Let’s go