Let’s Build LEGO® Aliens!

Let’s Build LEGO® Aliens!

Have you ever looked up at the starry night sky and wondered, “Are we truly alone in the universe?” Could there be alien beings out there on some distant planet in outer space, wondering the same thing about us?

Scientists have yet to find evidence of life on other planets, but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine what our interstellar neighbours might be like. Whether you're a seasoned builder or a curious newcomer, join us on a journey through the stars as we explore how to create adorable alien friends from LEGO® bricks.

Building alien creatures

When it comes to building your own LEGO® brick-built alien being, the sky is the limit. Maybe they’ll look similar to a human, or a spider or a slug! Or maybe they’ll look like something no one has ever seen before. Whether they have one head or seven heads, one thing is for certain – your alien will be totally unique to you.

If you’re looking for some out-of-this-world inspiration, we’ve got some special LEGO sets that are perfect for building your aliens.

LEGO® Alien Pack

The LEGO® Alien Pack is a great place to start when building extraterrestrial friends. This set for kids aged 7+ is packed with fun, brightly coloured bricks, including new face and eye elements. Young space explorers will find instructions to build six different alien characters, or they can use the pieces to create their own space creature. The set also includes a buildable space vehicle for the included LEGO astronaut minifigure, complete with accessories like a walkie-talkie, an oxygen tank and more.

LEGO® Classic Creative Monsters

The colourful LEGO® bricks and elements in the LEGO Classic Creative Monsters playset are perfect for making aliens as well as fun monsters. The set comes with five toy monster mini build ideas and some extra bricks for free building, inspiring creative play for kids aged 4 and upwards.

Creative Space Planets

The LEGO® Classic Creative Space Planets set is full of intergalactic fun. There are instructions to build a rocket ship, an alien and an astronaut. Kids can even make a mini solar system including Mars, Earth, the Sun and Saturn with its rings, or expand the fun with building suggestions for a complete 8-planet solar system.

This set also gives kids the freedom to make their own unique builds with a wide array of bricks in different colours and shapes, as well as eye and expression elements. There are even glow-in-the-dark bricks! This set will truly inspire young builders to reach for the stars.

Create your alien habitat

Now that you’ve made your alien, they will need somewhere to live. It’s time to create your alien habitat. Perhaps it will come from a far and distant planet where the sky is pink and the water is orange! Or maybe they’ll live somewhere in our solar system like Mars, our planetary neighbour. Or maybe they’ve come to visit us right here on Earth – could there be aliens among us?

Here are some LEGO® sets that are ideal for creating your own alien habitat, wherever that might be.

LEGO® Alien Planet Habitat

Explore new planets with the LEGO® Alien Planet Habitat set. Kids can use the instructions to build two habitat sections and three alien figures, or combine the pieces for their own extraterrestrial creations. This set can be used on its own or included to expand adventures on space-themed LEGO Friends and LEGO City building sets (sold separately).

LEGO® City Space Explorer Rover and Alien Life

Use the LEGO® City Space Explorer Rover and Alien Life playset to navigate exciting new worlds. Kids can take the two space crew minifigures on an exciting mission in the rover, which has six tyres and advanced suspension for driving on rough terrain. The exploratory robot will help them investigate the rocky planet piece, which also happens to be the home of two alien figures!

LEGO® Pick a Brick Mini Build: 4 UFOs

The LEGO® Pick a Brick online store allows you to order individual bricks and elements so you can customise your LEGO sets or make your creations exactly how you want. You can also find instructions for special mini-builds, like these cool UFO models (short for Unidentified Flying Object), and order the pieces you need directly on LEGO.com.

Would you like to try and make this alien vehicle at home on your own? You can find the building instructions here.

We hope these sets have provided you with some ideas and that you are feeling inspired to build your own alien friends and habitats. For more interstellar building fun, explore our other space sets for builders of all ages, from kids to adults.