Medieval Town Square

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Come for the atmosphere – stay for the cheese!

Here in the charming village of Felsa, you’ll find colourful characters and buildings from a bygone age. Does it feel as though you’ve been here before? The LEGO® Icons Medieval Town Square is based on a classic LEGO Castle set – the Medieval Market Village from 2009!

Tour the village!

Town Square

Villagers trade goods and gossip by the old tree.

Tax collector

Find the secret compartment where the money is hidden.

Wanted posters

Look out for crooks and shady characters.

Shieldsmith workshop

Put the finishing touches on a Lion Knights shield.

Broken Axes Inn

Enjoy a drink or sample hearty fare with the locals.


Explore a farm filled with surprises – even a friendly goat!

Grab a snack

Find a stall selling cheese, pretzels, baked goods and more!


A Lion Knight stands guard over the village.

Ten things you need to know about the LEGO® Icons Medieval Town Square

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