Best Christmas gifts for mum

LEGO® Christmas Gifts

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Best Christmas gifts for mum

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for mum? We’ve put together a list of super special sets that are sure to delight any mum this holiday season.

From festive wreaths and Santa’s sleigh to flower bouquets and art masterpieces, these LEGO® sets will inspire hours of mindful creativity, and are sure to bring joy to mum – and the whole family – this Christmas.

PAC-MAN Arcade

Take your mum on a trip back to the 1980s with this LEGO Icons PAC-MAN Arcade build.

The perfect Christmas gift for mums who might want to relive their arcade days, the set is packed full of retro game details. Based on one of the most influential video games of all time, mums will love building the iconic maze-chase cabinet, complete with a 4-way joystick and illuminating coin slot.

Just a turn of the handle activates a mechanical maze that simulates the classic chase between familiar favourites PAC-MAN, INKY, PINKY, BINKY and CLYDE. Plus, there’s even a super-cool arcade scene to build, complete with a gaming minifigure and display case.

Looking for more? Here’s how PAC-MAN was inspired by the yellow colour of LEGO bricks.

Tranquil Garden

Gift your mum her own relaxing haven this festive season, with the LEGO Icons Tranquil Garden building set.

Based on a traditional Japanese garden, this set makes the ideal Christmas gift for mums who love gardening and nature. The mindful building project helps you to unwind as you craft, and can be reconfigured in countless different ways, so mums can create the perfect display for their home or office.

The Zen garden comes complete with an arched bridge, a stream, a koi carp, lotus flowers, trees, rocks and stone lanterns – plus there’s even a beautiful pavilion with an authentic tea-ceremony room!

Disney Big and Little sets

Delight your Disney-loving mum this Christmas with one of our magical LEGO | Disney build-and-display models.

Mums will love uncovering their favourite Disney scenes within the LEGO | Disney Castle (43222). An epic build that is packed full of rooms and details to explore, and comes complete with 8 LEGO | Disney minifigures, including familiar favourites Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Rapunzel and more.

For those looking for a smaller version of the iconic castle, the Mini LEGO | Disney Castle (40478) commemorates Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary. Complete with pearlised golden tower tops and a vintage-style Mickey Mouse figure, this set makes a unique addition to any Disney collection.

Mums with a passion for theme-parks will love recreating Walt Disney World Resort’s classic ride with the Mini LEGO | Disney The Haunted Mansion (40521) build. The set is full of authentic details, including paintings and a chandelier – and there’s even a butler minifigure.

For mums who are fans of Disney’s Aladdin in particular, the Mini LEGO | Disney Palace of Agrabah (40613) is the ideal Christmas gift. The model captures the look of the colossal palace, complete with its white towers and golden domes – plus, the set also includes a buildable flying carpet and a genie lamp.


Recreate an automobile icon with this classic LEGO Icons Corvette build.

The perfect Christmas gift for mums who love classic cars, they can build their very own replica of Chevrolet’s 1961 convertible sports car as they assemble each iconic detail.

Packed full of authentic features, the Corvette comes complete with an opening bonnet and boot, a detailed engine bay with a spinning rotator fan, and working tie-rod steering. The roof also comes off for access to the detailed interior, including brake, clutch and accelerator pedals, a gear lever, and a radio.

Also included are 3 number plates, and the set makes a great addition to any home or office space for year-round fun!

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Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night

Prepare to recreate a timeless masterpiece with this stunning LEGO Ideas set.

A great Christmas gift for mums who love art and creativity, the 3D picture brings Vincent van Gogh’s 1889 painting of The Starry Night to life, as you reinterpret his unique brushstrokes, swirling clouds and rolling hills.

Created in collaboration with The New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the set also includes a Vincent van Gogh minifigure, complete with paintbrush, palette and easel – and there’s even an adjustable arm to hold the minifigure as he gets to work!

Once mum has finished her beautiful painting, hang it on the wall or display freestanding.

These are all the details not to be missed in Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

LEGO® Flowers

Treat your mum to flowers that will last forever with one of our stunning bouquet sets.

Whether she loves Sunflowers (40524), Roses (40460), Daffodils (40646), Tulips (40461), or Lotus Flowers (40647), we’ve got the perfect bunch for any mum this Christmas. Crafted entirely from intricate LEGO pieces, each set combines with the others, so there are endless colourful bouquet combinations to create.

For even more floral fun, our Wildflower Bouquet (10313) features 8 species of wildflowers, including cornflowers, lavender, Welsh poppies, and lupins – plus the set includes several elements made from a plant-based plastic produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane.

All sets come with adjustable stems, and once they are completed, display them in your mum’s favourite vase as an eye-catching piece of home decor.

Need inspiration? Here’s how to arrange your LEGO flowers.

LEGO® Christmas sets

Spread the Christmas joy with one of our magical LEGO holiday-themed sets.

The LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (10325) is the perfect Christmas gift to help mum unwind this festive season. The 3-level snow-topped bed and breakfast comes complete with lots of fun features, including comfortable guest rooms, glowing log fires that illuminate at the touch of a button, and an outdoor skating area – plus 5 minifigures to bring the set to life.

Expand the LEGO Winter Village collection even further with the LEGO Holiday Main Street (10308) set. Complete with a buildable tram, toy and music shops, plus shoppers, shopkeepers and their cosy apartments, this set is sure to delight all the mums out there.

For even more festive fun, we have plenty of other builds that make the perfect seasonal display in any home or office. The LEGO Nutcracker (40640) brings an iconic Christmas figure to life, while the LEGO Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 can be used as a wall hanging or table decoration. Mums will love getting a guaranteed visit from Santa with the LEGO Santa’s Sleigh (40499), and to add the final festive touch to any home, the whole family can put the star on top of the beautiful LEGO Christmas Tree (40573).

Eldorado Fortress

Calling all pirate fans!

The ideal Christmas gift for mums who loved the original Eldorado Fortress from 1989, this tribute to the iconic model offers even more exciting spaces to explore, with new surprises and details to thrill the whole family.

Packed with lots of hidden secrets, the epic Fortress includes the admiral’s office, a pirate prison cell and a lookout, offering endless ways to reconfigure and play. The set comes complete with lots of cool accessories such as working cannons, a pirate ship with printed fabric sails and a rowing boat for a swift escape. Bring the swashbuckling scenes to life with the 8 included minifigures.

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The Office

Step into The Office! This 1,164-piece set makes the perfect Christmas gift for mums who are big fans of the hit comedy series.

As well as 15 minifigures, including favourites Michael Scott, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, mums will love recreating the Dunder Mifflin office – complete with Michael’s office, the conference room and more.

Also included are authentic accessories inspired by classic scenes, including Jim’s teapot, letter, and engagement ring for Pam, Michael’s screenplay, and a stapler in gelatin.

Once completed, this amazing build makes the ideal centrepiece for any home or workspace, so your mum can proudly show off her love of The Office throughout the year.

Hokusai - The Great Wave

Treat your mum to a sense of peace and relaxation this Christmas with this incredible LEGO Art building set for adults.

The LEGO version of Hokusai’s The Great Wave lets your mum recreate an iconic piece of Japanese art, while she enjoys a mindful and relaxing building experience.

The picture’s multiple layers of LEGO bricks create a stunning 3D effect. Use the decorative tile with Hokusai’s signature to finish off the piece!

To add to the immersive experience, there’s even the option to scan the QR code to listen to the set’s soundtrack, which has been tailor-made with content to enhance the creative experience.

Want more? Here’s how we brought The Great Wave to life in LEGO bricks.

Looking for even more LEGO® sets?

Looking for something else to sneak under the tree? Whether you’re after a cool model for dad, or a super-fun toy for someone a little younger, we’ve got you covered.

From epic superhero sets to real-world replicas, you’re bound to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas in our extensive LEGO collection.

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