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Build Your Own: Egg box Animals

Ever wondered what to do with leftover egg cartons (other than recycle them of course!) Well it turns out they make the perfect base for a fun animal-themed craft. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the decorations on hand, let your child use their imagination and just see what you can find around the house.

This is a fun creative activity that helps your little one practice using scissors (great for fine motor skills), colours, and identifying animals. You could even make it a themed activity, like spring animals, sea creatures, or woodland creatures.

What you need:
- Cardboard egg box
- Poster paint and brush
- Coloured paper
- PVA glue or glue stick
- Googly eyes
- Pipe cleaners/feathers/any other decoration you might have in the house

1. Cut out a cup from an egg box

First of all decide which animal you want to make. We’re going to show you how to make a whale here but there are plenty of other options of course. If your preschooler finds this bit difficult, you may need to help them with the scissors.

2. Paint it with the colours of the animal

Tip: Strong, brightly coloured paints look best.

3. Cut out a tail and fins

This is quite tricky so don’t worry if your little one struggles a bit at first. Stick them on once the paint is dry.

4. Bend a pipe cleaner into a cross and stick it in the top

Make a hole in the top of the whale using a pencil.

5. Stick the eyes on and it's finished!

Scissors can be dangerous for small children so please make sure you supervise them during use.