LEGO® Sets Inspired by Travel

Travel-inspired LEGO® sets

Travel the world from the comfort of your home with these iconic LEGO® landmarks and destinations. Jump from one side of the world to the other in seconds by recreating all the famous sights; sending a postcard home is optional!
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    Family Camping Van Adventure

    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Price32,99 €
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    Heartlake City Organic Café

    Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
    Price29,99 €
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    Holiday Camper Van

    Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
    Price19,99 €
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    The Globe

    Price199,99 €
    Coming Soon
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    Main Square

    Average rating3.5out of 5 stars
    Price179,99 €Sale Price125,99 €
    Out of stock
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    Empire State Building

    Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
    Price129,99 €
    Out of stock
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