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LEGO® VIP gift with purchases over £85*Shop now

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LEGO® VIDIYO™ Music Video App

The LEGO® VIDIYO™ app is the ultimate music video maker app for kids. With state-of-the-art AR tech, kids can create masterpieces as never before, and share them securely on our safe social platform. Download the free LEGO® VIDIYO™ app now!

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  • Putting kids’ safety first

    The LEGO® VIDIYO™ app puts internet safety for kids as its top priority, encouraging kids to harness their passion for music through an immersive, positive and safe social experience. Swipe right to see how we’ve worked to make this possible in VIDIYO, or click below to learn more about our broader online safety efforts on our Verified Parental Consent page.
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Want to know what LEGO® VIDIYO™ feels like?

Get a glimpse of the real thing by trying out our free, online experience! Meaning you can even start making your very own music videos, right now!

Watch your kid create (and create and create and create and...)

Kids can customize every aspect of their bands in the music video app – from outfits to output and everything in between! Plus, they’ll discover the latest additions to our ever-expanding music library, or pick out new, fun gameplay challenges to conquer!

The fun starts in one place… the app!

Download now and start scanning to bring your characters, BeatBoxes and BeatBits into your world. Plus, there’s endless fun challenges and inspiration to browse through in our kid-friendly social space. See you there!

The Myth. The Legend. The L.L.A.M.A

It’s official. L.L.A.M.A has taken the music industry by storm. How? Why? It’s hard to explain. But what we know for sure, is that it’s impossible to not dance along to his tunes! Listen now, on L.L.A.M.A’s official website…
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