When kids decide the fate of the NINJAGO® world…

We’ve been asking NINJAGO® fans to flex their creative skills, by drawing their own additions to the NINJAGO saga!

Begin with masterclasses from real NINJAGO® storytellers!

Let’s get you drawing with confidence! The real NINJAGO® animators are ready to share their top tips and tricks with you all in our masterclass videos, to help supercharge your comic drawing skills.

How to draw a ninja

The show’s co-creator Tommy Andreasen gives us an art lesson

How to draw a bone warrior

Sketch out a fearsome enemy for your ninja to battle!

How to draw a comic background

Get to grips with digital tech, as we level up our comics

How to tell a NINJAGO® story

Bring out the magic from your stories

How to draw a NINJAGO® comic

Find out the best ways to complete our template

Browse our ninja gallery

We added our personal favorite fan comics to the gallery below…

What you said happened next

You drew it, we animated it! Check out these four fan-made comics that we gave the full NINJAGO® treatment to!

How to tame your dragon

Antonia02 gives us a peek into a futuristic future...

Puppet power

When facing NINJAGO® Island’s next threat, FairPig found a hands-on solution...

Special delivery

There’s a dark twist in Jarbarkle’s love letter to the NINJAGO® world...

Color curse

What’s the solution to the new danger in ShiveringKai029’s comic? It’s not black and white...

Trouble in paradise

Zane finds himself in a tricky triangle... in 人気者のいすピアニスト’s comic!

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