LEGO® DUPLO® Valentine’s Day decorations

LEGO® DUPLO® Valentine’s Day decorations

The whole family can spread the love with LEGO® DUPLO® Valentine’s Day decorations. Watch the video and get inspired how to celebrate love.

Encourage celebration

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and most preschoolers love celebrating seasonal holidays, festivities and traditions. Every kind of celebration is new and exciting, and provides the perfect excuse to play dress up, make decorations, and give and receive presents.

Learning about how their family and country celebrate the changing of the seasons can also help your little one to develop their social skills. Whatever your holiday traditions are, involving your child in the preparations and celebrations can create and strengthen bonds between the different generations in your family. However different your family’s everyday lives may be, generations can come together to share the same holiday traditions.

This Valentine’s Day, one way you can involve your child is to use what they know: their favorite crafts, materials and toys. If they love to make art, you can teach them to draw or color hearts and make enough for a cute banner. If they love building with DUPLO bricks, you can build hearts, flowers and other fun decorations for the whole house.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones.