Teaching Kids About Wildlife Conservation

Teaching Kids the Importance of Wildlife Conservation

Animals are an endless source of stimulation for the very young, which is why it’s so easy and enjoyable to teach them about animal conservation.

Explore right outside your door

Even the very small can learn about what animals need simply by looking out of the window. A great wildlife conservation activity for kids is to install an outdoor bird feeder. Let them see the number of birds it attracts when it’s full, then when it’s empty, help them notice how few birds come to visit your garden.

Building a bug hotel is super simple. Collect items on a woodland walk – twigs, logs and leaves – and pile them up, then watch as the little critters move in. Plant flowers that pollinators love. Youngsters love seeing something they’ve nurtured grow and will be even more overjoyed to see the insects fly in to feast on the nectar. Also, what kid doesn’t love digging in the soil and getting out a watering can to give everything a good soaking (including themselves!)?

Broadening their horizons

More exotic wildlife helps to open up their world even further! By recognizing an elephant or a lion kids begin to learn about habitats they live in – they’ll understand that Africa is hot and has grasslands and savannahs, even if they don’t quite know those words yet!

Wild Animals of the World

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Which is where LEGO® DUPLO® construction toys can provide limitless stimulation. The Wild Animals series takes preschoolers on a continent-hopping trip, and en route they can swim through the oceans and meet the creatures of the sea.

LEGO DUPLO bricks and pieces have captivating colors and are designed especially for small hands to pick up and place. The Wild Animals series includes a huge range of animals for kids to collect and combine however they want (who says polar bears and penguins can’t be neighbors?).

The sets’ foldable playmats provide a realistic habitat backdrop, and the Sound Bricks included in the Asia (10974) and World (10975) sets offer a truly immersive experience. Kids press the Sound Brick button to hear the noises the animals make – and repeating these sounds is a great way to develop their spoken language. They also feature ambient noises, transporting youngsters to the habitats the animals live in.

Good for you, good for your children and good for wildlife

While sharing precious developmental moments with your little one and exploring the endless play possibilities found within the range of LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals sets, you could be nurturing the naturalists of tomorrow.

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