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Not just any box
It’s here! The IKEA® and LEGO® brands teamed up to create a range of simple, functional storage solutions with many possibilities. No need to disrupt the play! BYGGLEK allows kids to escape into their own imaginations. And when it’s time to clean up, their creative worlds don’t have to be taken apart. The boxes can be displayed, and it’s easy to pick up the play again. BYGGLEK even fits harmoniously into your home – making adults happy, too.

Let’s play together. Or alone. But don’t stop playing.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Exclusively at IKEA®.

A larger-sized box and lid. A medium-sized box and lid. A set of three smaller boxes, with lids.

A fun collection of display & storage solutions with unlimited possibilities

- Build inside, outside, or around them
- Connect several boxes together
- Store LEGO® bricks inside
- Display them – always in harmony with your home
- Continue the play anytime, anywhere
- Decorate them the way you want

Playing is always fun, but sometimes messy.
Let’s make storage part of the play

Let’s get started

Now you’ve bought your BYGGLEK boxes, you’ll need something to fill them with! That’s why we’ve created the exclusive BYGGLEK LEGO® brick set, only available to buy at IKEA® stores! The set features minifigures and bricks specially handpicked to spark your little one’s creativity and imagination.

What is BYGGLEK?

So, some of them are blue, white, beige. White, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, violet, turquoise. Purple, glass. Every type of color. There’s lots of different colors but the boxes are white.

Meet the designers

“It’s when you step outside your comfortable little box that you can start making things even better.”

Andreas Fredriksson, Designer at IKEA of Sweden MY BACKGROUND I was born in Malmö, Sweden, in 1972. I’ve been an IKEA designer since 2011. WHAT IS YOUR SPECIALTY? I design both single products and whole series, mostly in modern contemporary style. I work with mixed materials but it’s important to put the right material in the right context. I visualize my ideas on A3 paper, and if needed with a 3D prototype. HOW DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO FEEL WHEN THEY MEET YOUR DESIGN? That it meets their needs at a good price. “This is great, and it didn’t cost that much either.” Democratic Design – if you’ve understood those five points, you can meet people’s needs. We’re building a range, not just creating another product. What new needs about the VALLENTUNA sofa? Since the TV is no longer central, a living room can be designed however you want. I want my design to create possibilities.

Senior Design Manager

Rasmus Buch Løgstrup – Senior Design Manager, the LEGO Group BACKGROUND Rasmus was born in 1975 in Kolding, Denmark and lives with his family, wife and two boys in Sdr. Bjert, Denmark. He loves drawing, building things and he spends most of his time renovating his house and maintaining his garden. He recently bought an old wooden summer house on the island of Fanø to continue his never-ending renovation projects. Joined the LEGO Group in July 2010 as Senior Industrial Designer in the Outbound Licensing team. Now working as Senior Design Manager, he develops concepts for new products, and consults with external licensing partners to ensure the designs reflect the LEGO® DNA. He is, as he describes it himself, in a constant process of defining how LEGO licensing products should evolve the brand and support the LEGO play experience.
  • Hello! My name’s Robyn. I’m six years old. I can read and write.

    Okay! Let’s make a ninja class!
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