LEGO® Lates – Store Events

Welcome to LEGO® Lates

These after-hours, adults-only events are happening in selected LEGO® Stores in cities around the world. Partnering with cultural influencers and visionaries in creative fields, they offer busy adults a way to switch off, connect with others and find their flow through the power of play.

LEGO Lates with PC Williams

Following her BAFTA masterclass at our LEGO Lates London event, we chatted to the award-winning costume designer about creativity and how important it is to unwind.

LEGO Lates with Dora Jar

Meet Dora Jar, star of our LEGO Lates in New York. Join our conversation, where we discuss the importance of play and how New York has been an inspiration in Dora's life.

19 October: Fashion in Shanghai

Be there as the LEGO® Store People's Square hosts a fashion show featuring the incomparable Grace Chen. As a fashion designer, Grace Chen lets her creativity flow through her passion for design. This exclusive event will celebrate the art of fashion, and you'll get to participate in hands-on building activities. 7:30-10pm. Tickets required.


Trouble finding your flow? You’re not alone

We always knew adults were building LEGO® sets to relax, feel creative and get a real sense of achievement. But recent research has shown us that 93% of adults today report feeling stressed out, with 53% adding that they find it hard to “switch off”. With 80% of adults actively looking for new ways to relax, we thought now was the perfect time to launch something just for them. LEGO Lates events are inspired by adult LEGO® fans and those seeking a little escape from the everyday hustle.