LEGO 1-90 Builders

LEGO 1-90 Builders

Builders of all ages mark 90 years of play

A portrait of ageless play

We celebrated 90 Years of Play by inviting LEGO lovers aged 1-90 to a special photoshoot. World renowned photographer RANKIN helped capture their LEGO stories that celebrate ageless play. Check out some of their stories below.

Harry Crawford

After appearing on LEGO Masters, I'm now officially the youngest LEGO Play Agent. I get to help people of all ages to discover the great joy of play through LEGO building via my own LEGO workshops!

Molly Belfield + Ray Payne

An accidental triple order whilst recovering from a coma saw me and Dad build a LEGO pizza party which grew into a entire LEGO town, filling the front room. It kept me busy, awake and laughing.

Emma, Ann and D Miller-McCaffrey

We've always been massive LEGO fans, but now D has come along, I see it through a whole new lens. We love that LEGO play is accessible to everyone no matter your age, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Ben Shoesmith

Recently, I've developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and my hands have become severely deformed. My wife bought me the UCS LEGO Falcon for my 40th birthday - it’s really helped as therapy for my hands.

Eric, Dianne and Felix Dew

LEGO play has continued to connect me to my grandson Felix who lives 2 hours away, as we build and play via video calls. It keeps him calm when he’s emotional and is great at keeping the family bonded.

Chris & Jayden Challis

As an AFOL (an adult fan of LEGO!), building helps me stay creative and even more fun to do it with my son Jayden! I hold the world record for the tallest LEGO tower built in one minute with one hand!

Peter Crouch

From a young age I built with my sister. Now, as a dad of four, LEGO bricks are back in my life and my house! As a footballer you never really grow up, so I’m delighted to have an excuse to play again.

Ellie Goldstein

If I've had a busy day modelling or dancing, LEGO play is a great way for me to unwind and helps to stimulate my mind. I also love playing with my little cousins, especially any LEGO Harry Potter set!

Josh and Edith

The LEGO minifigures are what help bring my imagination to life as I can create different scenes and stories. LEGO play helps show that disability doesn't matter and that everyone can be included!

Kev & Leanne

Working with AFOLS in 27 countries from the UK to Fiji, you get a real sense of the LEGO community. Fairy Bricks is dedicated to providing those in need with LEGO bricks and we're proud to be a part of that.

Jacob & Jack

Working as a business analyst and after a day in meetings or in front of a computer, I'll put on some music, build and escape into another world. With my nephew, our next goal is the McLaren!

Matthew Ashton + Amy Corbett

We both played with LEGO bricks with our siblings from a young age, creating worlds in our homes. The love grew and after we both studied design, it was clear we were destined to be toy designers!

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