Introducing LEGO® Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®

It’s been 50 years of dungeons & dragons. Let the good times roll.

We COULD tell you about the set… but why not show you instead?

In April, we invited some critically charismatic D&D® players for an epic game night featuring the glorious LEGO® Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®: Red Dragon’s Tale set.

We’ve even turned the LEGO House basement into a customized game room – just for the occasion.

Scroll down to watch the full adventure... This is one one-shot you won’t want to miss!

“Thus concludes our fantastic adventure”

Rewatch every roll. Check out the Epic Game Night we hosted back in April!

Meet the Players

These brave adventurers helped us celebrate 50 years of D&D® in style for our Game Night. Watch them in action on April 6th.

Meet the Master

Fan designer Lucas Bolt originally submitted this set to LEGO® Ideas, where it was chosen by fellow fans to become an official LEGO set!
Head to our friends at D&D Beyond for digital LEGO® dice, themed character backdrops and frames!

A closer look at our table

A lot of work went into making that rather snazzy table. Gain insight with our dedicated article!

All eyes on the prize

Sharpened your weapons? Practiced your accents? All that’s left is to get your talons on the LEGO® Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® set!

D&D® LEGO® Adventure

This special DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® adventure book will let you play through the LEGO® Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale set like a game of D&D®.

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