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LEGO® Valentine’s Day

Express Love with LEGO bricks!

Valentine’s Day may be over, but it’s never too late to show appreciation for all the good things in your life. Get inspired together with your child and show your love with LEGO bricks.

Build a rose

On Valentine’s Day it is a tradition to buy flowers for your loved ones. But let’s be more creative this year and build some instead. The most iconic flower for Valentine’s day is a red rose, so watch this short video to learn how to build one.

An everlasting bouquet

A LEGO designer made this fantastic bouquet of flowers – impressive, right? It will last forever – or at least until taken apart or accidently dropped. We hope the creation will inspire you to build your own flowers.

Build a heart

Building a heart is another way of showing your appreciation to your loved ones. There are plenty of ways to build such a simple thing, with such great importance. Watch the video to get inspiration on how to build that special heart of yours.

Still in need of inspiration?

We are very lucky to have some amazing LEGO fans who have helped spread the love by creating these amazing builds. This is their way of showing their love in bricks.

Build your own card

It is a tradition to give a greeting card for Valentine’s day. But why not show your love in bricks instead of words? Here’s some inspiration for building you very own Valentine’s card.

Valentine’s Day gifts

Find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him or her.