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How to Encourage Self-Expression in Kids

How to Encourage Self-Expression in Kids

When a child expresses their individuality, it can take many forms: dress up, music, dance, writing, drawing and creative construction, to name just a few. These activities provide kids with an opportunity to showcase their true self; it opens a door to the outside world through which their inner potential can shine. As a result, self-expression is one of the most beneficial skills a child can develop.

Build self-expression with LEGO® DUPLO® sets

While LEGO® sets are enjoyed by all ages, providing a broad spectrum of benefits, a child’s early years are the most crucial in terms of their physical and mental development. This is why LEGO DUPLO® sets are specially created for children aged 18 months and up. With bright colors and large, easy-to-handle building bricks, they provide the perfect way to stimulate and inspire young minds.

Anything is possible with LEGO DUPLO bricks. There is no right or wrong way to play. These fun-filled developmental toys are packed with bricks and pieces that encourage toddlers to explore hands-on creativity and imaginative play without limits. LEGO DUPLO is great for parents too – simply join the fun and share precious developmental milestones with your little builder.

Kids can be whoever and whatever they want in LEGO DUPLO role play. From animals to airplanes, dragons to doctors, bakers to bus drivers… there’s no limit to the creative self-expression!

A world of opportunity for creative explorers

The new range of LEGO DUPLO Wild Animal playsets tap into pre-schoolers’ fascination with animals to take them on a playful learning journey around the world. Every location is filled with opportunities for hands-on, open-ended self-expression, from creating a suitable habitat for an animal to finding food and using the realistic sounds.

In LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of Africa (10971), children can care for a cute baby elephant and baby giraffe in a natural environment including a tree, flowers and a playmat.

LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of South America (10973) takes children into the jungle where they can enjoy endless role play with a crocodile, monkeys, sloth, baby jaguar, toucan and alpaca among the tropical trees, rocks and a waterfall.

In the tropical landscape of LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of Asia (10974), children can play out stories with the adult and baby elephants, pandas and tigers, a monkey, 2 birds and 2 red pandas. There’s even a sound brick for added realism.

The LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of Europe (10979) set features a variety of creatures – including 2 adult deer, a baby deer, bear, fox, wild pig, bird, rabbit, duck and 2 squirrels – that will inspire children to explore social interactions and much more.

When youngsters dive into LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of the Ocean (10972) they’ll discover an adult and baby whale, tropical fish and a cute turtle in their natural underwater environment.

Finally, a truly globetrotting gift for little animal lovers: LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of the World (10975). Here, children visit the world’s 7 continents, seeing pandas in Asia, lions in Africa, deer in Europe, an alpaca in South America, a bear in North America, a koala in Australia, penguins in the Antarctic and much more, all together on a captivating playmat map of the world.

Whether you choose to begin your child’s journey of self-expression with the latest animal playsets or another range of LEGO DUPLO toys, they are sure to provide a creative outlet for eager young minds and a wonderful opportunity for parents to learn more about their children.

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