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Why do toddlers enjoy baths?

Why do toddlers enjoy baths?

Toddlers love having a bath...well, most of the time.

Despite the odd tantrum here and there, generally it’s something our little ones enjoy.

And when they’re not having a grumpy moment, bath time is something that parents and guardians also look forward to at the end of a long day.

Being able to spend quality time with our toddler with no distractions is truly one of the best feelings ever. And when 100% of our focus is on the child, all that love and attention doesn’t go unnoticed.

While we of course focus on their safety during bath time, it’s not usually a nervous experience for them. In fact, quite the opposite!

Here are some of the benefits that bath time can bring, making it a special moment for family bonding.

The perfect time for play

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All the splashing around and laughing makes it a perfect opportunity to introduce constructive play – which is where we come in. As all parents and guardians know, bath toys are a great way to keep youngsters occupied while we’re busy giving them a good scrub.

All of their senses are engaged during bath time which helps the toddler to pay attention and focus.

Just like playtime, when youngsters are feeling relaxed and receptive, it’s easier for them to forge connections with characters and learn new skills. Whether it be with our red panda, friendly lion, funny flamingo, or any of our fun bath time animal toys, your child will strengthen their emotional and social skills through play and storytelling.

It’s also an opportunity for kids to learn about the basics of physics! The fact that we make our toys float means they can provide a boost to your child’s cognitive skills as they are introduced to (and begin to understand) the properties of water combined with building.

All in all, these toys are designed to keep kids feeling excited about their next bath time. To see bath time as an opportunity to play, to learn, to continue telling stories and – most importantly of all – to see it as a time to spend quality time with you.

A comforting touch

The process of washing, scrubbing, drying their hair and all those nurturing aspects of bath time can give toddlers and pre-schoolers such an emotional and social boost, in the same way that hugging does. Touching provides many physiological effects for youngsters and generally helps them feel more relaxed, receptive and all-around happy. It’s a great way for our little ones to unwind (unless there’s a case of soapy eyes...ouch).

As for us, it’s great to bond with our toddlers when they feel so cared-for. It’s a huge part of the reason that bath time is such a crucial bonding moment between us and our toddlers.

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