Batcave™ –  Shadow Box

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This product contains
a button or coin battery.
Building Instructions

Recreate the iconic Batcave™ from Batman Returns™

This first-ever Shadow Box-style model incorporates movable items, minifigures and a feature-rich Batmobile™ to capture both dynamic tableau and conversation piece in one extraordinary set.

Heroes and villains

The cast of 7 includes 2 versions of Batman™ and 5 figures that only appear in this set: Max Shreck™, The Penguin™, Catwoman™, Alfred Pennyworth™ and Bruce Wayne™.

A Batmobile™ packed with features

Open the roof to add the Batman™ minifigure with the fabric cape, then turn the cog on the side to reveal 2 hidden launchers.

Uncover the secrets with moveable details

Change the Batcomputer screen to watch for trouble

Slide the doors open to reveal Bat-Gear and gadgets

Illuminate the Batsuit™ vault with a light brick

Raise the shutter door to access the Batmobile™

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Batcave™ –  Shadow Box

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