Last Chance

Republic Gunship™

Star Wars™Star Wars™
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Limit 5
Choking hazard.
Small parts.
Building Instructions

Packed with features fans will love

Built for transport

Plenty of room for troops from the cockpit to the cabin.

Ready for battle

Swing-out spherical gun turrets are detachable.

Swinging doors

Made with some of the largest LEGO® pieces ever created.

Powerful display

The light but sturdy frame uses LEGO® Technic™ elements.

Legendary Jedi Master

Features a redesigned Mace Windu™ minifigure.

Clone Trooper Commander™

New minifigure represents the Grand Army of the Republic.

  • The Clone Wars have begun

    Recreate the epic Battle of Geonosis with this Ultimate Collector Series build-and-display model of a Republic Gunship, also known as a Low Altitude Assault Transport.
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