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Best LEGO® Marvel sets and toys

Best LEGO Marvel Sets and Toys

Bring out the hero inside you with these incredible LEGO® Marvel sets! Featuring an all-star cast of our favorite characters from comic books and the silver screen, these cool sets will delight any Marvel fan - young or old. 

Whether you’re looking for an exciting, buildable toy to play with or you want to add to your home decor with a piece of memorabilia to display, these are the very best LEGO Marvel sets to add to your collection.

Daily Bugle

If you're looking for a gift for someone who’s a fan of Marvel comics, we guarantee this set will take their passion to new heights!This impressive 3,772-piece model is packed with details from top to bottom - from the towering Daily Bugle office block to the bustling street level. There are four floors of offices plus an iconic rooftop water tower, so Marvel fans can create their own stories featuring an all-star cast of 25 iconic characters, including Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Punisher. The set is designed for adults who appreciate the intricate details and challenge of building a complex model, and makes a great display piece for the home or office. So why not help them unleash their inner super hero by adding the Daily Bugle to their collection?

The Avengers Quinjet

Kids aged 9 and up will have a blast building this awesome Quinjet and recreating thrilling scenes from the Marvel movies.

Featuring five mini-figures, including Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, plus Loki with his scepter, kids can recreate their favorite scenes from the Avengers movies or use their imagination to craft their own storylines.

This set also includes 2 super-cool sticker sheets featuring Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D insignias so little heroes can customize theQuinjet to enhance their creativity. With 795 pieces, it's a challenging build that will provide hours of fun!

Sanctum Sanctorum

Marvel fans can step into the mystical world of Doctor Strange with the spellbinding Sanctum Sanctorum set!

With 2,708 pieces, 9 instantly recognizable minifigures including Doctor Strange, Wong, Iron Man, Spider-Man and The Scarlet Witch, plus a host of authentic accessories, this set has everything fans need to recreate classic scenes from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Modeled closely on Doctor Strange’s legendary abode, there are hours of fun to be had exploring the many exciting elements of this modular set – including a museum of mystical collections and a library with a portal to 2 alternative worlds!

Infinity Gauntlet

The LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet is the perfect set for adult Marvel fans and comic book enthusiasts who love challenging builds.

Designed for display, the set captures all of the intricate details of the real thing, from its golden hue to the iconic vibrant Infinity Stones adorning the knuckles - and the fingers are movable, too!

The gauntlet attaches securely to a sturdy base with a descriptive plaque, making the 12.5 in. (31cm) tall model absolutely perfect for display.


Designed with adults in mind, this epic set will inspire any fan to unleash their inner superhero. The intricately detailed model boasts a whopping 4,049 pieces and is our biggest mech yet, offering a challenging yet rewarding building experience that is sure to impress.The Hulkbuster armour, as seen in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron, is replicated in stunning detail, with adjustable arms and fingers, light-up arc reactor in the chest, light-up reactors in the hands, and new gold and glow-in-the-dark bricks. With realistic features such as a cockpit that opens to reveal a detailed interior, this set is a true masterpiece of LEGO engineering. It also includes an exclusive Iron Man Mark 43 suit minifigure, perfect to add to the collection of any Marvel fan.

Star-Lord’s Helmet

Marvel fans can experience the thrill of being the galaxy's coolest outlaw with the LEGO® Marvel Star-Lord's Helmet. This 602-piece set is the ultimate collectible for Guardians of the Galaxy fans, combining challenging and rewarding building with an immersive, hands-on experience.

The model features a striking, detailed representation of Star-Lord's iconic helmet, with bright colors, intricate lines, and authentic details that fans will recognise from the movies.

There’s also a display stand and nameplate, so the completed helmet can be proudly displayed for all to see.

Nano Gauntlet

The LEGO® Marvel Nano Gauntlet captures the presence and excitement of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame in the form of a miniature brick recreation.

With 675 pieces, this set is designed to offer an exciting, satisfying building experience for adult Marvel fans who take pleasure in immersing themselves in a challenge.

The jointed fingers can be positioned in a variety of ways for an extra interactive experience, showing off the 6 Infinity Stones in all their glory. And when it’s all finished, the model attaches to a display stand with a descriptive nameplate so fans can show off their hard work!

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We don't just have the coolest Marvel toys – we also have an enormous collection of LEGO sets that cater to every interest.

No matter where your passions lie, there's a LEGO set waiting for you to build and bring to life. From enchanting princess castles and fire-breathing dragons to speedy toy trains and futuristic robots, we've got it all.