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Help Kids Learn About Sustainability with LEGO® DUPLO® 

It’s easy amid the bustle of our busy lives and the hot pursuit to reach the bottom of the never-ending to-do list to forget to stop and take in what an amazing job you as parents are doing. Do you ever pause to contemplate what an important role you have?

As well as the inevitable cleaning, tidying and feeding with a side portion of conflict negotiation, you are undertaking one of the most vital jobs in the world: raising the future. Those sticky-fingered, diaper-wearing balls of energy are the next generation of educators, legislators, lawyers and decision makers.

So that we will have a future – and a planet – we can all enjoy, it’s never too early to teach kids about the importance of protecting the natural world through choices in our daily lives.  And what we teach our toddlers now can mean they make a lifetime of good choices.

Sound a bit heavy? It really doesn’t need to be. Here at LEGO® DUPLO® we understand just how much toddlers can learn while having boundless fun. In fact, play is THE WAY toddlers learn about the world.

So let us show you the educational journey we’ll be taking your toddlers on in 2024, as we get to work teaching preschool kids about sustainability in the most fun way possible! 

We are all trying to reduce our food miles, shop locally and live by the mantra of ‘from field to fork’. If you’re interested in teaching sustainability and want to give your toddlers a taste of how to achieve these goals, you should definitely check out these 2 colorful and very cute LEGO DUPLO playsets.

Caring for Animals at the Farm is packed with figures so toddlers can play out life on a busy farm. Toddlers can imagine collecting eggs, getting milk from the cow and picking apples before preparing all the ingredients to make a delicious pie in the farmhouse kitchen – it’s hard to get fresher than that!

It’s never too early to develop kids’ curiosity about how their food gets on the table and where it comes from. Though it sometimes feels like it when we’re kids, the food in our supermarkets does not, in fact, appear by magic. And perhaps one of the most magical processes is how colorful flying insects make the sweet stuff toddlers love to lick off their toast!

Caring for Bees & Beehives will not only help toddlers understand where honey comes from, but is also great for teaching preschool kids about nature and how the natural world exists in fine balance – how weather grows the plants, how the plants feed the bees, and how the bees pollinate the plants. By helping to water the plant to make it grow and by driving the electric truck to market to sell the honey, we grown-ups can help toddlers learn the impact humans have on the natural world by the choices they make.


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