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LEGO® Insiders gift with purchases of $320 or more*Learn more


Spider-Man's House


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Fun Spidey set inspired by the TV series

Bring home the latest action from Disney+ series Spidey and His Amazing Friends with this hands-on model of Spidey’s house.

Share Superhero fun with your toddler

Hang out at home with Spidey and Ghost-Spider as they water their plant and swing into action to save Bootsie the cat.

Spider-Man's House

Imaginative play

Toddlers create scenes from the show and invent their own.

Swing into action

Shoot a flexible web to spin round the lamp post.

Movable part

Hinged windows are fun for little fingers to explore.

Building key skills

Kids develop self-expression and fine motor skills as they explore this playset in the company of their favourite characters.

Gift for budding webslingers

With 3 figures from the Disney+ TV series, this creative playset makes a great gift for little Superheroes aged 2 and up.
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