Unstoppable Academy

The Unstoppable Academy. We’re standing up for girls’ creativity.

Defined as having the courage to experiment and be comfortable with failing when developing new ideas, creative confidence is stifled in girls, and it can impact them through to adulthood. The LEGO Group’s Play Unstoppable initiative, aims to celebrate the endless potential of girls when they are encouraged to play without limits. To support the commitment, LEGO® Australia and New Zealand are launching the Unstoppable Academy - a mentorship program designed to inspire the freedom of play and to challenge everyday language that plays a significant part in inhibiting girls' confidence to express themselves creatively. Follow their stories...

Meet Queeness

With a passion for learning and construction, Queeness looks forward to one day building new skyscrapers and tourist attractions. Until then, she’s rebuilding the world with LEGO bricks. She is UNSTOPPABLE!

Meet Michaela

Michaela is an 11-year-old football sensation who is not one for sitting on the bench. While she is often the smallest in her teams, what she lacks in size, she makes up for in courage. She is UNSTOPPABLE!

Meet Annabelle

Annabelle's #1 is building with LEGO bricks, and she has been building since she could pick up DUPLO before laying claim to her dad's sets from his childhood. A storyteller and an adventurer, a dreamer and an explorer – she is UNSTOPPABLE!