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How to take photos of LEGO® minifigures on vacation

How to take photos of LEGO® minifigures on vacation (plus, some of the best snaps)

The legs of a minifigure may be small and – dare we say it – fairly limited mobility-wise, but that hasn’t stopped them from traversing every corner of the planet.

Yup, Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOLs) have been bringing minifigures on their travels for years, taking photos of them in weird and wonderful places. From the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa to more off-the-beaten-track destinations, these little guys have been pictured all around the world. They’ve even been to space, but that’s a story for another time...

We’ve gathered some of the coolest photos taken by fans who have mastered the art of snapping their minifigures on vacation.

And sure, it’s a bit of fun – but there’s a great level of skill that goes into achieving these charmingly adorable shots. If you’re passionate about travel and photography, and want to give this a go, or you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, here are some top tips...

  1. Find a superb backdrop (be as imaginative as possible).
  2. Position your minifigure just right. It’s all about the proportions.
  3. Carefully consider the angle.
  4. And of course, they must look the part.

Once you’ve nailed these key elements, the photo ops are endless (that is, once we can travel again).

But don’t let us school you, get inspiration from some of the best minifigure photographers below...

“Everything is” ...swell

Photo courtesy of @fudago

Proof that you can’t go wrong with the right accessories. LEGO fan @fudago took his minifigure, surfboard in tow, to the Ocean City boardwalk in Maryland to capture this awesome shot.

He really set the scene with the sun, the sand, a wetsuit – and most importantly that tousled surfer hair.

If only us mere mortals could simply click onto our surfboards...imagine the possibilities...

Parties in the desert

Photo courtesy of @LegoJim007

Dressing your minifigure to suit the setting (get it?) will help tell the story. This excited Brit put on his best outfit to go casino-hopping in Sin City, but found he couldn’t reach the tables. Despite that slight mishap, who would’ve thought we’d be getting FOMO from a tiny, cute LEGO piece in Vegas...

Getting around, Dutch style

Photo courtesy of @brick_barrett

The pink tulips at the back of the bike, the colorful houses in the background. This photo really captures the essence of Amsterdam. Make the location instantly recognizable and it’ll help reel in those likes.

This photographer has made a whole Instagram page dedicated to the whereabouts of his loveable yellow globetrotter. So far, he’s taken on Greece, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, Italy and more. Keep up to date with his adventures by following @brickbarrett.

History lessons in the heat...

Photo courtesy of @thebjjgirl

A photo of minifigures taking a photo. Genius.

Even one of the Seven Wonders of the World has been graced by LEGO minifigures. Take note of @thebjjgirl on Instagram and check out more of her imaginative (and seriously cool) minifigure photography.

The addition of the selfie stick just adds something extra...

Trekking to new heights

Photo courtesy of @Cupcake_78

Remote landscapes make for some of the best backdrops. Just remember to be safe when setting up your shot.

Fun fact: Minifigures have been to some of the most dangerous, hard-to-reach and wondrous places in the world. In 1987, minifigures reached new heights when Korean mountaineer Young-Hu buried a small model on top of Mount Everest. Reaching a spine-tingling temperature of -36°C (-33°F) at the summit, it’s likely it didn’t last too long.

Solo travel in Paris...

Photo courtesy of @hd_lego

When they aren’t trekking, they’re taking in the culture of the world’s greatest cities, selfie-stick in hand and ready to post with the caption “obligatory selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower #JadoreParis”.

The French capital has so many amazing spots to create playful photos with your minifigures. Countless patisserie shops (time to dig out those old LEGO croissant elements), the Louvre, the Sacré-Coeur – the list is endless. If you’re stuck for ideas, you won’t be if you go to Paris...

Next stop: The Big Apple

Photo courtesy of @paigecaldaralo

It’s all about the angle. If the buildings in New York look humongous through the eyes of humans, imagine what sightseeing is like for these guys?

We appreciate how this shot has been framed from the perspective of a tiny minifigure looking up at the towering Lady Liberty.

Side note: now all we can think about is a hot sloppy slice of New York pizza.

Diving to the depths

Photo courtesy of @fourbrickstall

Remember what we said before about being as imaginative as possible? One photographer who is always thinking outside the box is @fourbrickstall on Instagram, who took her minifigure into the deep unknown. This talented LEGO fan posts incredible, original photography featuring minifigures, from all kinds of sets. Aspiring photographers will find plenty of ideas and inspiration on her page...

Glamorous weddings abroad…

Photo courtesy of @thebjjgirl

This would make a fun personalized wedding gift idea for your favorite couple (and you’re guaranteed to be the only one doing it).

All you’d need to get started is two minifigures, a camera, maybe throw in an animal – and then the world is literally your oyster. Who wouldn’t want a framed photo of themselves and their partner in LEGO brick form? Thanks for the inspo, @thebjjgirl.

If you’re fascinated by the Roman Empire, try and build our intricate LEGO model of the Colosseum, a set that recreates the complex structure and original features right down to the paving stones and olive trees.

For the romantic honeymoon…

Photo courtesy of @thebjjgirl

Let the backdrop do all the talking. India’s Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a gesture of love for his wife, so it’s the perfect place for these two love birds. The LEGO Group created a LEGO Taj Mahal set back in 2008 with over 5,900 pieces, making it one of the largest LEGO models created. Check out the biggest LEGO sets ever…

Going back to their roots

Photo courtesy of @rdane1

Allow your photo to tell a meaningful story, like this one...

LEGO House in Billund is like a home away from home for minifigures. After all, this town is where their entire existence came about in 1978. It’s no surprise then, that this LEGO fan took his minifigure back to the place of his roots. Emotional, we know. LEGO House, also known as the Home of the Brick™, is open to the public and here you can learn more about the humble LEGO brick.

Despite travel being more of a rare commodity these days, we think there is something comforting about seeing these small heroes sunning themselves in simpler times and warmer climates.

Through time, water and sunshine on their little yellow legs, the minifigure has trawled the continents with a spirit of adventure and wonder. Your awesome photography may have just made them some of the world’s greatest unsung explorers...

Love what you see? Test out your photography skills and create some yourself. It all starts with some bricks.

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