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7 Engineering wonders that we turned into LEGO sets

7 Engineering wonders that we turned into LEGO® sets

We love celebrating groundbreaking engineering in our sets. Whether that’s a 4,000-year-old landmark or a pioneering spacecraft, we’ve turned some of history’s best examples of engineering into fun and challenging builds.

This tradition continues as our new LEGO® Ideas set based on the Orient Express departs for homes around the world. One of the most famous trains in history, the Orient Express remains a symbol of adventure, luxury and the romantic, bygone era of steam train travel.

To mark the arrival of this new set, we wanted to celebrate some of our past sets based on engineering wonders and give you some inspiration if you’re looking for your next build or a gift for a LEGO lover in your life. So, all aboard...

LEGO® Ideas The Orient Express Train

In 1883, the first ever Orient Express steamed from Paris towards Istanbul (then called Constantinople). Over the next hundred years, the Orient Express became the world’s most famous train, synonymous with elegance, travel and adventure.

It’s recreated here in stunning detail. You can build the locomotive, tender, dining car and sleeping car. Inside, you can experience the luxury with inlaid panels and a mirror effect above the bed in the sleeping car’s first-class room, a backgammon board and more.

When completed, this collectable train model is over 46 in. (116 cm) long and will look amazing on your shelf or desk. And if you want to role-play, it comes with eight minifigures, including a conductor, train driver, railway station manager and a film director (based on the fan designer who created this set!), as well as a buildable baggage cart.

Whether you’re a train fan or are looking for LEGO train set gifts for adults, you’ve reached your destination.

LEGO® Icons Eiffel tower

One of the world’s most recognizable landmarks also makes one of the largest-ever LEGO sets. With 10,001 pieces and standing at just under 5 feet (1.5 metres) tall, this is a showstopping LEGO set that will bring a little bit (or perhaps we should say a large bit) of Paris into your home. Ohh-la-la!

LEGO® Icons Concorde

Based on the most iconic passenger airplane in aviation history, the LEGO Icons Concorde set offers a challenging and enjoyable build. This replica of the sound-barrier-breaking jet includes unique features, like the delta wing, the drooped nose and the narrow fuselage.

There’s almost too much to say about this set, so if you’re interested, check out what makes Concorde an engineering masterpiece…

LEGO® Icons Titanic

The Titanic was celebrated as one of history’s most significant engineering accomplishments. It’s recreated here in faithful detail, including the bridge, the promenade deck and the swimming pool, and driving this mighty ship are the powerful piston engines and turning propellers. With almost 9,000 pieces and over 53 in. (135 cm) in length, this set is genuinely… well, Titanic!

LEGO® Icons NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

The NASA Space Shuttle Discovery flew 39 missions to space over its 27-year service period, each time returning safely to Earth and advancing human knowledge of the solar system and beyond. This set showcases out-of-this-world details, including a flight deck with crew seating, landing gear and a robotic arm. It also features a replica Hubble Telescope that can be stored in the payload bay and comes with moveable solar panels and an aperture door.

LEGO® Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza

While engineering may feel instinctively futuristic, some of our most incredible feats are some of our oldest. Lovers of ancient history or Egypt will adore this 1,476-piece set based on one of the most famous landmarks in world history: the Great Pyramid of Giza. The largest of all the Egyptian pyramids, it was built a staggering 4,500 years ago and, remarkably, still stands and still draws visitors from all over the world.

LEGO® Technic™ Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000

Lovers of heavy machinery can elevate their collections with this impressive and accurate Technic™ set. It’s based on one of the world’s most powerful cranes and has authentic features, like the luffing jib, the winch and the rotating turntable. Get more from your build with the CONTROL+ app that lets you view stats and take part in challenges.

And if you enjoy building at scale, then discover the top 10 biggest LEGO sets ever made…

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