The 11 Best LEGO® Truck Toys For Kids and Adults

The 11 Best LEGO® Truck Toys For Kids and Adults

Sometimes a car toy isn’t enough. Sometimes you need something bigger, beefier and better – and that’s where these LEGO® truck toys come in.

Ranging from realistic and powerful sets with authentic, interactive features to the coolest superhero vehicles on the road, these toy trucks are sure to leave others in the dust.

LEGO® City – Farmers Market Van

The mobile farmers market has come to town!

Kids aged 5+ can pick pop-up carrots from the interactive veggie patch, display fresh produce in front of the truck and sell it to customers through the serving hatch.

This detailed market van also comes with 3 minifigures, including a LEGO City TV character and a cute bunny figure for added farm-shop fun. Plus there’s plenty of LEGO fruit and veg to choose from – pumpkins, sweet corn, grapes, jalapeños and apples are all ready to be sold.

What will the farmers market van sell today? You decide!

LEGO® City – Fire Station

It’s an action-packed day at the fire station!

Plan out missions in the control room, get rescue-ready in the firefighters’ quarters, then head to the garage to prepare the fire truck for action. The fire truck shoots LEGO water dart elements to put out fires – and if that’s not enough, there’s also a helicopter that shoots water splat elements!

This multi-feature fire station set comes with 5 minifigures, so young heroes can roleplay daring rescue missions and discover what it takes to be a firefighter.

LEGO® Friends – Recycling Truck

Caring kids aged 6+ will love protecting the environment while they play with this fun truck toy, collecting trash from Heartlake City beach alongside LEGO Friends Emma and River to keep the wildlife safe.

The colorful recycling truck comes with 3 separate cans for sorting the trash, as well as cool accessories like a toy shovel and trash grabber for immersive play.

There’s even a movable arm that attaches to the cans to empty them into the right containers!

LEGO® City – Cement Mixer Truck

Designed for little LEGO builders aged 4 and up, this toy construction vehicle delivers more than just cement. The step-by-step building instructions and authentic details open up a world of imaginative play for curious kids to explore!

There’s a driver’s cab for the 2 worker minifigures to sit in, a spinnable mixing drum that delivers toy concrete elements and accessories like a toy jackhammer and wheelbarrow to encourage more realistic play.

Plus, the LEGO Starter Brick element makes it easier than ever to assemble the truck and jump into the fun!

LEGO® Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

Feeling nostalgic for past adventures? Or looking ahead to future fun-filled trips?

Whatever the occasion, travel lovers can embark on a whole new adventure with this detailed Volkswagen camper van model!

Recreate memorable elements of the real VW, including the iconic front windscreen, sliding doors and the textile pop-up tent. The finished build features functional steering, a sliding door and 2 folding chairs, as well as a detailed interior for you to explore!

Add retro accessories like flower-power stickers and a cool surfboard for the finishing touches, then display the eye-catching model with pride.

Trademarks, design patents and copyrights are used with the approval of the owner Volkswagen AG.

LEGO® City – Town Center

It’s not just about the truck itself – kids need somewhere to drive it! Take the truck with its moveable crane for a spin around town and go to the recycling station, pizza restaurant and even the martial arts dojo.

There’s so much to explore in the 790-piece town center, but if you need even more adventure options, the LEGO City Road Plates mean children can connect the model with other sets to expand into an entire toy metropolis!

LEGO® City – Police Mobile Command Truck

It’s a surprise attack by the bad guys! Duke DeTain and Gracie Goodhart’s prisoner transport is under attack by Snake Rattler and his customized tractor trailer.

Rattler uses his egg-splat launcher to distract the police team while he pulls the entire wall off the mobile jail.

Launch the police drone and hop in the ATV to catch up with them and put them both behind bars – before they get away!

LEGO® City – Fire Brigade

The sardine factory has caught fire, and there’s a kitty trapped on the roof! Grab the life net and help the poor cat jump to safety.

Then hop in the hazmat suit, because the secret sauce has spilled – hose down the flames in the windows so the firefighter can get inside.

The fire truck’s trailer shoots water elements, and there’s a helicopter for lowering the team onto the roof, as well as a motorbike and loads of accessories to check out.

LEGO® Technic™ – Monster Jam™ Grave Digger™

The Monster Jam™ Grave Digger™ is packed with realistic touches like Grave Digger graphics, huge tires, a movable flag and red headlights.

Featuring a pull-back motor, the truck can be launched at high speeds to knock down obstacles and tear across a playtime stadium, just like the real vehicles.

This awesome two-in-one toy rebuilds into a super off-road buggy for taking the adventures outside the stadium and tackling a whole new world of racing.

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LEGO® Technic™ – 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

Want more out of your truck? This remote-control truck toy is powered by one large angular position motor, one XL motor and one L motor with a Bluetooth-controlled Smart Hub for realistic functionality.

Take control of the truck using the accompanying LEGO Technic CONTROL+ app. You can use the screens to drive, steer, change speed and even change gear, as well as unload the hauler’s bucket.

If you need even more ideas for playtime, the app features challenges and achievements to help you or your kids develop driving skills.

The Volvo trademarks (word and device) are registered trademarks of Volvo Trademark Holding AB and are used pursuant to a license.

LEGO® Technic™ – Heavy-duty Tow Truck

This authentic tow truck build is packed with working features and realistic design touches. There are air filters, an exhaust pipe and a grille to make it look just like the real thing – and that’s before it gets to work.

Under the hood is a six-cylinder inline engine complete with moving pistons, and you can steer the truck by rotating the pin of the roof.

The crane and the boom both move, and with the outriggers extended, you can latch the winch onto something to be towed and lift it off the ground. There’s even a lifting axle to pull down extra wheels to spread the weight of loads!

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