Best Educational Toys for 18-Month-Olds

Best Educational Toys for 18-Month-Olds

With LEGO® DUPLO®, children can learn while they build and share developmental milestones with their parents and carers. 

Bring the joys of learning to life with the world of LEGO DUPLO, the best educational toys for 18-month-olds

With these playsets, kids 1.5+ years can familiarise themselves with numbers and letters while improving their fine motor skills, enhancing their cognitive abilities and unlocking their imagination.

LEGO® DUPLO® – Bath Time Fun: Floating Red Panda

The joy of learning doesn’t have to stop at bath time, not when Floating Red Panda is invited to splash along! 

This 5-piece Bath Time Fun set helps to encourage play and creativity even in the tub. Children can help to give the red panda a good wash by using the bucket while it uses its water ring to float.

As the red panda’s water ring can easily connect with other DUPLO Bath Time Fun toys, there’s always a way to bring even more fun to the tub.

LEGO DUPLO – Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train

Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train

Average rating4.5out of 5 stars

Splish, splash, splosh! Bath time just got even more fun with the Floating Animal Train and its passengers: A hippo, duck and an ice-cream-eating polar bear! 

With brightly colored bricks and pieces and the friendly faces of each character, playing in the tub has never been so fun. Children can improve their fine motor skills by taking apart and building each character on their ring with bricks that have been specially designed with little hands in mind. 

Each animal’s water ring can easily detach and reconnect as they move through the water and because each piece is so easy to clean, they can be played with inside and outside of the bath.

LEGO DUPLO – Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island

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Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
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With the Floating Animal Island, bath time becomes fun-time as you bring four new friends to the tub: A lion, a flamingo, a fish and an octopus. 

The bricks and pieces all fit neatly inside the main island so it’s easy to look after the pieces while also keeping the bathroom neat and tidy.

LEGO DUPLO – Alphabet Truck

Beep! Beep! The Alphabet Truck is out to make a special delivery of letters to make playtime the center of creativity, learning and cognitive development. 

While the 26-letter bricks help children become familiar with the alphabet and develop their language skills, their adventures with the girl, boy and bear characters help to develop their visual-spatial awareness. 

Pre-schoolers can unload the bricks in a jumble of letters and learn the order of the alphabet as they build the truck back up with the help of the blocks’ coordinated color scale.

LEGO DUPLO – Creative Animals

Bring the magic of the animal kingdom home with Creative Animals from all over the world. It’s like having your very own LEGO animal farm. 

Children’s emotional development thrives when creating and relating to recognizable and friendly faces and the simple act of building helps to enhance their fine motor skills. 

This 175-piece set is perfect for little hands, making it easy to create the nine cute animal friends, including a monkey, panda, penguin and an elephant. 

Children can also build each animals’ habitats and environments, such as savannahs, jungles and the arctic.

LEGO DUPLO – Animal Train

Choo-choo, Animal Train coming through! 18-month-olds will love to play and learn with these cute and friendly animals as they ride from stop to stop. 

These four animal friends have been specially designed for small hands and come complete with building cards, which feature life-size images of each animal, making it easy to build along. 

Additional playful features, such as the giraffe’s wobbly neck make the animal train even more fun. 

There’s always room for the fun to go on as the Animal Train can easily connect with other wheel-based DUPLO toys, helping toddlers grow their imagination.

LEGO DUPLO – Number Train – Learn to Count

Number Train - Learn To Count

Average rating5out of 5 stars

All aboard the Number Train! With its moving wheels and an opening roof, the Number Train is pulling in at its next stop to bring maths and colors together for easy and fun learning. 

This colorful locomotive makes learning numbers joyful and helps toddlers develop their fine motor skills while both improving cognitive ability and developing their imagination as they bring the boy, girl and dog characters to join the adventure. 

This 23-piece set comes with a poster playmat which features full-sized images of the train and its carriages to help guide toddlers as they put the train together.

LEGO DUPLO – Deluxe Brick Box

Deluxe Brick Box

Average rating4out of 5 stars

Dive into a world full of imagination with this Deluxe Brick Box, perfect for unregimented play and creativity that’s bound to inspire, excite and engage developing minds. 

With a total of 85 bricks to play with, including number bricks, character figures and special pieces (such as the slide and the swing), there’s no limit as to what toddlers can create while sharing important developmental milestones with their parents and carers. 

Children’s imaginations have no bounds and with this giant box of LEGO DUPLO bricks and pieces, they can build practically anything they can think of.

LEGO DUPLO – Creative Birthday Party

Nothing says celebration like the Creative Birthday Party set! Filled with 200 bricks and pieces, 18-month-olds can find hours of joy building party treats such as cakes and ice creams or coming up with their own celebratory creations. 

With these LEGO DUPLO bricks that are as colorful as they are versatile, the easy-to-hold pieces will easily spark young imaginations and encourage open-ended play as they give little hands complete creative control. 

Easy instructions and building guides help parents, carers and their toddlers put together a range of models while also providing the inspiration for their own creations.

LEGO DUPLO – Creative Building Time

With more than 100 bricks and pieces to play with, children can explore the magical realms of their imagination with the Creative Building Time set. 

As well as being able to build a range of familiar shapes, objects, and animals — such as hearts, rockets, and unicorns — this 120-piece set comes with a large colorful assortment of LEGO DUPLO bricks, giving kids the power to create freely. 

As with so many LEGO DUPLO toys, the Creative Building Time play set gives children a source of open-ended fun, self-expression and confidence.

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