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Creativity 12-in-1 gift with online purchases of 80 € or more*Learn more

How to arrange your LEGO® flowers

How to arrange your LEGO® flowers

When we released the LEGO® Botanicals Collection in 2021, we had no idea how popular it would become. Our LEGO Flower Bouquet has been perfectly placed in vases in homes all around the world.

Zero maintenance, beautiful and a long shelf life, turns out people really like LEGO plants.

Now, the collection is blooming more than ever with two more sets added to the assortment: the LEGO Wildflower Bouquet and the LEGO Dried Flower Centerpiece (they make really great gifts).

Since they’re all compatible with one another, you can mix and match the different LEGO Botanicals sets. This means one thing for flower lovers: a chance to get creative and make your own unique floral arrangements.

We asked five plant lovers from around the world to make their own artificial flower arrangements using the new sets plus the original LEGO Flower Bouquet.

Take their tips on how to arrange your LEGO flowers...

Create something you’ll enjoy – Breda Fennell

Favorite flower: Primrose

Photo credit: Breda Fennell

Breda works as a Public Servant and has a particular passion for flora. “I love how flowers (especially wildflowers) are so delicate and yet so resilient to the often harsh weather we get here in [the Republic of] Ireland especially in spring. I love the brightness and scent of flowers in our home.”

When it comes to her top tips for customizing, she likes to create things that give herself and others enjoyment, especially finding new ways to connect and use [LEGO] parts by playing around with the different elements.

“I love that I can display these items around my home and that they look so real.”

Look for real world inspiration – Justin Stoker

Favorite flower: Lilies

Photo credit: Justin S.

“I often struggle to keep plants alive in my office or in my home... The LEGO Botanicals line helps make up for my inattentiveness. I can have plants on my desk at work and not have to worry about the last time I’ve watered them.

The colors are bright and vivid, and most of my co-workers have, at first glance, not recognized them as LEGO [sets].”

Justin is a Civil Engineer from the United States and loves to start a new project by exploring a little. “I go and look for some real-world inspiration. I have used the internet to search for pictures or driven through an old town to see flower gardens, trains or antique buildings (whatever my project might be) to look for inspiration. I then... [add] a bit of myself and my creativity into the project.”

Photo credit: Justin S.

Think colors, composition, light – Kim Brackman

Favorite flower: Banksias

Photo credit: Kim Brackman

“I love nature and flowers – they fill me with serenity, joy and awe. Connection with nature is important for my mental health, and having flowers at home helps to bring some of that connection and tranquility into my daily life.”

Kim is a Systems Specialist from Australia in the day but loves to get creative in her spare time. “I usually build LEGO sets from instructions first because I love the set... but then the parts get sorted into types for endless creative building in my own creations. I find the versatility of the parts and the infinite ways they can be combined really sparks my excitement and curiosity.”

Photo credit: Kim Brackman

In artistic projects like this, she thinks about colors, composition, light, emotions and the narrative.

Reinterpret the rules – Venceslau Teixeria

Favorite flower: Violets

Photo credit: Venceslau Artur de Carvalho Teixeira

Venceslau is a mathematics teacher from Portugal and really appreciates the importance of having plants in the home or office to bring a feeling of peace.“[We should] take some time out away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sit back to relax while we customize [sets].”

When approaching customization projects, he says “I try to use my skills in a way that keeps my mind free of preconceptions and open to new experiences and information, with some flexibility, reinterpreting rules instead of simply breaking them, and with a proper dose of self-stimulation.”

Photo credit: Venceslau Artur de Carvalho Teixeira

“For me, to be creative is to think outside the box. In other words, to be creative is to be original.”

Take it step by step – Uriel Sondervan

Favorite flower: Roses

Photo credit: URISON – Art Photography

Uriel is another fellow plant lover from Israel, and he loves filling his garden with roses and flowers.

“[Flowers are] the most beautiful and colorful of our nature. Colorful, millions of shades, multitude of forms, tons of smells.”

He owns all of the plants in the LEGO Botanicals Collection and displays them on his dining room table. When it comes to customizing them and creating his own floral arrangements, he likes to take it step by step and build the LEGO set first by following the instructions. Once complete, he starts to think about how he can make it unique and personal to him.

“Creativity for me means having the ability to transform a figment of my imagination to a tangible object others can see, touch, feel and comprehend – that they can feel my imagination.”

As you can see, the power of plants is real! What beautiful flower arrangements can you come up with using the LEGO Botanicals Collection?

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