LEGO® Elves Generic Trailer
LEGO® Elves Generic Trailer

Magic happens!

Emily Jones can’t control the elements. Her ears may not be pointy. But when she is with her four elf friends, strange magic happens! Even more than anyone in Elvendale ever imagined.

  • Drag race
    Drag race
  • Rumor has it
    Rumor has it
  • Born to do it
    Born to do it

Solve the riddle!

Riddles are like puzzles, or a mystery you have to solve.

Now evil but once just a fragile elf child. No longer she remembers when last she smiled.


See all the Elves magic others have created! Find your own magical creative talent, and share it in the Gallery!

The new App

Emily and the elves need your help! Emily Jones and her elf friends Azari, Farran, Aira and Naida must bond with the earth, water, fire and wind dragons, save the Queen Dragon and her eggs, and unite their magic to save Elvendale!