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Pass on your childhood wonder

Recapture and share the magic, with LEGO® l Disney Mickey and Friends.

Come fly with Mickey

Help Disney Mickey Mouse get ready for take-off with this charming kids playset!

Friends for Life

Where were you when you very first saw the characters of Disney Mickey and Friends? Doesn’t it almost seem as though they’ve always been with us, as we’ve grown up from children into adults? And though times change as we become older, the timelessness of these characters means they will always occupy a special place in our hearts.

These LEGO® 4+ sets are designed to help you take an active role in sharing the wonders of Disney with your little ones aged 4 and up! As you help them build, you’ll feel their connection with these iconic characters grow and you’ll watch as that joy you’ve known all your life, becomes reflected in them.

It’ll almost be like magic…



The farm where best friendships are built!

Don your overalls and help Disney Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as they tend to their farm.

Blast off on an out-of-this-world adventure

It’s lucky how those astronaut costumes can still fit Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s ears…

Sun, Sand and… Ice Cream!

Visit Disney Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop on your way to the beach for a day out with Daisy Duck!

Help Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse save the day!

Goofy and Pluto need your help! Build the fun fire truck and station, before celebrating with hot dogs.

Help youngsters discover the magic

These Disney sets are perfect for parent-child play. Check out our guide to be the best playtime partner.

Revolutionize how you build, with Instructions PLUS

Zoom, rotate and ghost-mode into a brand-new way to build your LEGO® | Disney Mickey and Friends sets!

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