Webisode #32 – Bring The Heat
Webisode #32 – Bring The Heat

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Who is Emily Jones, and what has happened since she first discovered the magical land of Elvendale? Get the full LEGO® Elves story here!


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  • Webisode 18 – Sophie’s Capture
    Webisode 18 – Sophie’s Capture

Emily Jones

As a human being, Emily looks like the odd one out in the company of elves. But somehow she fits right in. When her little sister, Sophie is captured by goblins in Elvendale, she will walk through fire – and all other elements – to save her.

  • 艾米丽•琼斯
  • 娜伊达的小舟与精灵怪小偷

Sophie Jones

Sophie Jones is Emily’s sneaky little sister, who has secretly followed Emily through the portal to Elvendale. There’s magic, dragons, and elves who think she’s cute. What could possibly go wrong?

  • 苏菲•琼斯
  • 苏菲·琼斯被捕记

Azari, the fire elf

Azari is a fire elf who loves when life takes surprising new turns! She absolutely cannot talk without using her arms and legs. She adores Sophie and the fun she brings to Elvendale!

  • 火之精灵阿莎莉
  • 精灵怪村庄的神奇营救

Aira, the wind elf

Wind elf, fast thinker and problem solver, inventive, bright, and if you ask her: an amazing singer! Her elf friends don’t always appreciate her great singing talent, but rumor has it she’s popular among goblins!

  • 风之精灵艾拉
  • 艾拉的飞艇与护身符追捕

Farran, the earth elf

A not always down-to-earth earth elf with a very strong sense of justice. He is helpful and always loyal to his friends, nature and all its creatures. Loves food! And Sophie adores him…

  • 土之精灵法兰
  • 精灵怪村庄的神奇营救

Naida, the water elf

The adventurous water elf is wise and powerful beyond her age. She’s the friend you feel like you’ve known forever. If anyone knows how to defeat an evil Goblin King, it’s her.

  • 水之精灵娜伊达
  • 娜伊达的小舟与精灵怪小偷

The Goblin King

The Goblin King is actually an elf, but an evil one who uses dark magic to mind-control the little goblins. His dream is to rule both Elvendale AND the human world. At any cost!

  • 精灵怪国王
  • 精灵怪国王的恶龙

The goblins

The goblins in Elvendale are mind-controlled by the evil Goblin King. But try not to hold that against them when you visit. There’s more to learn about these mysterious creatures…

The Dragons of Elvendale

The elemental dragons of Elvendale are very gentle but powerful creatures. Be kind and careful when you go to meet them.

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Welcome to Elvendale!

With every corner you turn, with every step you take in the magical land of Elvendale, magic and surprises await you! When and where does our story start and unfold?