Easter Crafts and Activities for the Whole Family

Easter Crafts and Activities for the Whole Family

Easter is a great opportunity to spend quality time with the family... and eat half your bodyweight in delicious food. But for the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on getting your family members of all ages involved in a colorful, creative craft project!

We’re after a project that stimulates your mind as well as your hands, where people can work solo and as part of a team, and where creative construction is all part of the imaginative play. Now, where do you think we might be able to find that...?

So, here are 6 LEGO® playsets that are sure to bring fun and family togetherness to your house this Easter.

1. Power up for a motorcycle stunt show!



Enjoy the thrills and spills of motorcycle stunt action with the LEGO Stunt Competition playset! Our new Stuntz range features a rag-tag bunch of fearless motorcyclists, seeking the biggest thrills, the biggest spills and the biggest-of-all jumps! Help your kids construct breathtaking setups and launch your riders off the ramps, across the rooms, through the rings and back on their wheels. It’ll take skill and a steady nerve to become the stunt-riding champion of your home this Easter. Oh, and another bonus: no batteries required thanks to our innovative flywheel technology!

2. Get stuck into a LEGO® Art project

The LEGO Art Project - Create Together set is the absolute perfect way to do arts and crafts as a family. You get to make a mosaic as a family, split into 9 squares, meaning that there’s space for everyone! There are 9 instruction books to help you create 36 (!) options based around 4 themes: Food, Patterns, Icons and Interests, to help your family create a combined work of art full of your own unique personalities. What will your square be? A dinosaur? Trophy? Cake? Rainbow? Unicorn? Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll come up with a design of your own...

3. Design and wear; bag tags to share!

Bring some playful productivity into their down time! The cool LEGO DOTS Bag Tags Mega Pack – Messaging kit includes flat keychain-style bag tags with hanging rings, along with lots of colorful, opalescent, embellished and lettered tiles for decorating. Easy and intuitive to design and customize, the set offers 5 canvases, so budding designers aged 6 and up can take their creative messaging on the go, anywhere. The set is great for group activities, with designers able to wear or share as soon as they’ve completed their mini-masterpiece. The tags attach anywhere, so it’s easy to share your Easter message with the world! And before you even buy the set, you can practice your design-making skills online for free with our special DOTS 3D experience!

4. Get into gear, with mechanical model-making!

The LEGO Classic Bricks and Functions creative construction set comes with a colorful selection of LEGO pieces, plus step-by-step instructions for 7 fun models with gear-driven, moving parts. Kids can pick anything from a pirouetting ballerina to a helicopter with spinning rotors. But the real magic comes after you’ve got the hang of it all, and get to dive into the inspiring mix of extra bricks and pieces to build your very own creations! It’s the ideal activity for post-Easter lunch!

5. Build an Easter Icon

We’ve actually got a dedicated page on LEGO.com filled with fun activities to help get your build session started, including free building instructions on how to make Easter animals, plus printable coloring pages. Head over there.

They’re the perfect way to use your spare bricks at home to make something cute and festive, and will help inspire young ones to make builds of their own design!

6. Easter Bunny

Finally, what better way can there be to celebrate the season than to gather together and build your very own Easter Bunny! This adorable little guy comes with posable head and ears, and a special Easter surprise. He even comes with 2 customizable painted eggs, which you could try to recreate with your real-life egg-decorating activities at home!

Whatever your family’s ages and interests, we’re sure that one of the dozens of family-friendly LEGO sets will provide a guaranteed way to engage everyone in creative fun and activities when you celebrate with your family this Easter.

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