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Action-packed Marvel Avengers film playset

Fans of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron can bring the film’s action to life with this buildable Iron Man playset.

Iron Man adventures at the Hydra base

Iron Man and 2 of his Iron Legionnaires must infiltrate a Hydra Trooper’s fortified base in this awesome buildable toy.

LEGO® Marvel Iron Man & Iron Legion vs. Hydra Soldier

4 minifigures

Iron Man, 2 Iron Legionnaires and a Hydra Trooper.

Cool accessories

Iron Man has an opening visor and holds a power blaster.

Ready for battle

The Hydra Trooper has a stud shooter and 2 more at the base.

Flying fun

Clear blue bricks make minifigures look like they’re flying.

Movable weapons

Hydra base features 2 stud shooters on a moving floor.

Tower-top defences

2 pairs of missile launchers (non-firing) ward off attack.

Treat kids to this hands-on Iron Man mission

With cool features and iconic characters, this buildable playset makes a great gift for Marvel Avengers fans aged 6 and over.
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