LEGO® Minecraft® Black Friday sets

LEGO® Minecraft® Black Friday Sets

Bring the virtual world of Minecraft® to life this Black Friday with our epic collection of LEGO® Minecraft® sets.

Whether you’re exploring the Deep Dark biome, or heading into the jungle with the pandas, prepare for countless fun-filled hours of exploration, excavation, and explosions. Just like in the game, there are heaps of opportunities for creative world building with our LEGO Minecraft sets!

Bursting with pixelated details and familiar characters from the classic game, our Minecraft construction sets are the perfect Black Friday gifts for kids and adults alike.

The Deep Dark Battle

Are you brave enough to head into the perilous Deep Dark biome? This Minecraft set takes kids through one of the game’s toughest locations as they head on an action-packed mining adventure.

Along with the Arbalest Knight and the Netherite Knight, kids will explore an ancient city as they mine for precious resources along the way. Watch out though, the brick-built Warden is on the lookout, and with just a turn of the knob he rises from the stone to stop them.

Equipping kids on their mission are tons of weapons and armor accessories – and there’s even a switch to trigger an explosion to aid their escape!

The Panda Haven

Calling all kids with a passion for pandas!

This buildable 3-storey house looks and moves like a panda, and can be positioned upright, on all fours, or sitting down. Designed for hours of imaginative play, an opening at the back of the house also reveals a whole host of furnished rooms and accessories inside.

Outside the main structure, kids can head deep into the bamboo jungle with the jungle explorer minifigure, where the adult and baby pandas are waiting to be fed some delicious cake. Be careful though, a hostile skeleton is on the move and preparing for battle!

The Iron Golem Fortress

Let your kids become the hero with this epic build, play, and display set!

With 2 different play scenarios, there are endless hours of fun to be had with this set. Alongside the Crystal Knight and the Golden Knight, kids can protect their fortress against hostile attackers, including 2 skeleton horsemen and a charged Creeper™, before reconfiguring the stronghold into a towering giant golem, complete with huge movable arms.

Packed full of familiar Minecraft features and accessories, this makes the perfect gift for fans of the iconic game aged 9 and over.

Plus, the set combines with other Minecraft toys for even more action-packed fun!

The Crafting Box 4.0

Unleash a world of creativity this Black Friday with The Crafting Box 4.0!

Designed for kids aged 8 and over, this 2-in-1 Minecraft set offers multiple scenarios and an unlimited number of play possibilities.

Kids will build The River Towers fortress, where they can defend themselves against a zombie or Creeper™ attack alongside familiar favorites Alex and Steve, before reconfiguring the house into The Cat Cottage, which comes complete with a super-cute cat playground.

Even better, the set is also designed for lots of free-building fun, so kids can let their imaginations run wild and build the colored bricks into countless different structures! Or if you’re looking for some inspiration, why not begin your construction fun with the model ideas provided in the instructions, and see where your creativity takes you?

The Sword Outpost

Dazzle young Minecraft fans with a super-sized recreation of the game’s most precious weapon.

This epic build-and-battle set lets kids build the giant diamond sword base, before they defend the mountain against attacks from hostile mobs – including an evil Creeper™ and a skeleton! 2 shooters located at the front of the base add extra firepower, and the Sentinel Soldier and Guardian Warrior are also on hand to help!

Once all the fighting has finished, kids can relax in the chill out zone which comes complete with a table, cookie, and a jukebox that even spins a record!

The End Arena

Players, are you ready? Step into the famous End Arena and prepare for an epic battle with this action-packed set!

Equipped with super-cool armor and weapons, The End warrior and dragon archer will fight it out in the arena, all while trying to dodge the molten lava blocks that blast from the mouth of the Ender Dragon statue.

That’s not all they’ll have to overcome though, as the movable floor slides apart to reveal a pool of lava at the competitors' feet!

Expanding the play possibilities are the popular enderman and shulker Minecraft mobs, plus tons of fun accessories from the game, including a golden carrot and a potion!

The Skeleton Dungeon

Head on an awesome underground adventure with this feature-filled Minecraft playset this Black Friday.

There are so many different environments to discover with this set. Alongside the cave explorer minifigure, kids will trek through dripstone caves complete with stalagmites and stalactites, before dropping down through the dripleaves into the lush cave below.

If they’re brave enough, they can then enter the skeleton dungeon, where a rotating spawner reveals a hidden skeleton lurking in the shadows.

Also included are tons of cool accessories, including a crossbow and pickaxe, and a chest containing a music record, bread, and a bone!

The Frozen Peaks

Gift your child the coolest toy around with The Frozen Peaks playset.

Hostile mobs lie in wait throughout the peaks, and kids will need to use all of their Minecraft skills to defeat them, before extracting the precious ores that lay beneath the ice.

Whether they’re building a shelter, exploring caves, blasting rocks with TNT, or befriending an aggressive goat to help ram the mobs – there is so much to explore with this action-packed set.

Complete with fan favorite Steve, as well as a Creeper™ and a stray minifigure, there are countless hours of adventure to be had in The Frozen Peaks!

The Pumpkin Farm

Take a trip to the pumpkin patch with this super-fun playset! Set in the infamous swamp biome, this is the perfect Black Friday toy for Minecraft fans aged 8 and up.

Kids can build the super-cute pumpkin shaped house, complete with a bed, crafting table, furnace, and frog light, before helping Steve cultivate the farm and tend to his pumpkins. There’s even a chest containing eggs and sugar so your budding baker can cook up a delicious pumpkin pie!

Watch out though, there’s a witch on the prowl ready to throw potions on Steve, and kids will need to help fend her off with a bow!

The Bee Cottage

Prepare for a wonderful time with The Bee Cottage playset.

Featuring Minecraft’s iconic bees, there are so many play possibilities with this adorable set. Players will use their creative building skills to construct the bee-shaped house, which even includes a removable roof for easy access to the interior.

Whether they’re harvesting the honeycomb, tending to the crops, or defending against hostile mobs, kids will love all the hands-on adventure that awaits with this set.

Also included are a Honey Bear minifigure and 4 bees – and you can even send 2 of the bees racing around a tree with the flick of a finger. Just make sure to watch out for the baby zombie, it may be small, but it’s not to be underestimated!

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