LEGO® NINJAGO® Black Friday Sets

LEGO® NINJAGO® Black Friday Sets

Prepare for non-stop ninja adventures this Black Friday with our range of LEGO® NINJAGO® sets for all ages and abilities!

Team up with heroes Wu, Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay and more to master the art of Spinjitzu and take down enemies with these action-packed sets. Kids and adult fans can build their own mighty mechs, powerful vehicles and fearsome dragons, embarking on epic quests through the world of NINJAGO.

Whether you’re an aspiring ninja or skilled Spinjitzu master, these LEGO NINJAGO Black Friday sets will transport you into a world of thrilling battles and awesome adventures.

NINJAGO® City Gardens

What better way to kick off your Black Friday ninja adventure than with one of the biggest LEGO NINJAGO sets ever created?

Fans aged 14 and over will love getting lost in all of the brilliant details of this magnificent 5-tier set, exploring the exciting rooms and hidden features. From Chen’s noodle house to a museum of ninja history, every tier has something new to discover.

Complete with 19 minifigures of the ninja and their allies, this breathtaking 5,685-piece model is the perfect way for fans to build and display their passion with pride. It even includes a collectable golden Wu Legacy minifigure to celebrate NINJAGO’s 10th anniversary!

NINJAGO® City Markets

The biggest NINJAGO model ever created, fans aged 14+ will need to channel the power of Spinjitzu to bring this massive 6,163-piece set to life.

This incredibly detailed recreation of the ninja city markets features four floors full of shops, restaurants, offices and apartments – including a bakery, a general store, market stalls, a rooftop food court, a karaoke club and more! Kids can role-play thrilling action from the NINJAGO Dragons Rising TV series alongside 21 minifigures of familiar characters, including never-seen-before fan favourites.

With its amazing features and scale, this makes the ultimate gift for NINJAGO fans! Why not take advantage of Black Friday and combine this set with NINJAGO® City Gardens (71741) to build the most magnificent ninja paradise?

NINJAGO® Dragons

You can’t have LEGO NINJAGO without epic dragon battles. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of awe-inspiring dragons to choose from this Black Friday!

Harness the power of all four elements with NINJAGO dragon toys including Nya’s Water Dragon EVO (71800), Cole’s Earth Dragon EVO (71782), Zane’s Ice Dragon Creature (71786) and the Heatwave Transforming Lava Dragon (71793). Every set comes with an awesome dragon figure, as well as tons of cool features and minifigures of familiar characters.

Fans can recreate fierce dragon showdowns from the Dragons Rising TV series with sets like the Elemental Dragon vs. The Empress Mech (71796), or relive favourite scenes from the NINJAGO: Crystallized TV series with Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon (71774) – the biggest dragon ever!

With exciting dragon sets to suit any age, Black Friday is the perfect time to treat a NINJAGO fan to their very own toy dragon companion.

Destiny’s Bounty - race against time

Soar through the skies with this updated Destiny’s Bounty - Race Against Time playset!

Recreating an iconic vehicle as an amazing airship, this premium playset lets fans aged 9 and up set sail for aerial adventures through the NINJAGO world. The airship features stud shooters, adjustable sails and rotating engines, and comes with a poseable elemental dragon to help power it.

With six minifigures of familiar characters for carrying out role-play battles, as well as a Baby Riyu model, this high-flying set guarantees hours of fun reliving action from the NINJAGO Dragons Rising TV series!


Get ready to build the ultimate fighting machine. From poseable limbs for springing into battle to powerful shooters that guarantee victory, these mighty mechs have it all!

Fans of NINJAGO Dragons Rising can experience exhilarating action from the show with sets like Lloyd and Arin’s Ninja Team Mechs (71794) and Sora’s Transforming Mech Bike Racer (71792). These awe-inspiring mech models come complete with minifigures of courageous ninja heroes, armed and fully equipped for combat.

For fans aged 9 and up, the Ninja Ultra Combo Mech (71765) is the ultimate challenge. This 1,104-piece set allows kids to assemble four amazing models that combine into one imposing, towering mech.

Explore our action-packed NINJAGO mech toy collection and find the perfect set to carry young ninjas to victory this Black Friday!

Temple of the Dragon Energy Cores

NINJAGO fans aged 8 and up can discover the hidden wonders of the World Forest as they venture deep into the Temple of the Dragon Energy Cores!

Young ninjas will have to journey through four floors full of mystery and adventure to reach the dragon energy core element, tackling dangerous traps such as falling tree branches and a plunging balcony. They’re joined on their quest by six minifigures, including Cole, Kai and Nya, armed with two golden katanas each to battle their enemies.

This 1,029-piece construction set makes a great gift for kids who love the NINJAGO Dragons Rising TV series, letting them recreate memorable moments and act out their own imaginative ninja stories!

NINJAGO® Vehicles

Gear up for even more ninja fun this Black Friday with our huge range of exciting NINJAGO vehicle toys. Whether they’re soaring through the skies or racing on the streets, these sets guarantee endless adventures for daring kids!

Take a spin in Cole’s Dragon Cruiser (71769) as it unleashes its fiery power, or face down enemies with Kai’s Mech Rider EVO (71783) for high-speed thrills. For kids who crave lightning-fast action at high altitudes, don't miss Jay’s Lightning Jet EVO (71784) with its sleek design and electrifying features, or Zane’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Racing Car (71791), with two dragon hunter hover flyers!

Every NINJAGO vehicle set comes with countless cool features, plus minifigures of famous ninja heroes and enemies to inspire role-play battles.

Fuelling imaginations and offering hours of building fun, these sets are the ultimate must-haves for any NINJAGO fan!

NINJAGO® Dragon Power Spinjitzu Sets

Master the ancient art of Spinjitzu this Black Friday with these cool sets inspired by the NINJAGO Dragons Rising TV series!

Young ninjas aged 6 and up can call on elemental energy to help their heroes tackle obstacles and grab golden dragon energy core elements, conquering enemies and performing cool tricks along the way.

Choose from Lloyd’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Spin (71779), Kai’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Flip (71777) and Nya’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Drift (71778), all complete with a ninja minifigure ready for spectacular spinning action. Kids can even enjoy Spinjitzu-powered racing adventures with Zane’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Racing Car (71791)!

Each set also comes with dragon power elements in different colours for kids to collect, so they can harness elemental energy and become a true Spinjitzu master.

Ninja Dojo Temple

Take ninja training to the next level at the Ninja Dojo Temple, where kids aged 8+ can help their heroes reach their true potential!

This 1,394-piece playset is packed with super cool features to entertain aspiring ninja for hours on end. They can help heroes Cole, Kai, Lloyd and Nya train at the 3-tiered dojo, exploring the training area and 5 rooms – including an armory where they can prepare for battle against the evil snakes and their rammer vehicle.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! When the battle is won, kids can celebrate their victory in style by displaying a collectible Wisdom banner on the dojo’s roof.

Ninja fans aren’t the only ones in luck this Black Friday – we’ve got tons of amazing deals on LEGO® sets for builders of all ages and interests! Check out our full range of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to find the perfect gift today.