On top down under. It’s official: our people in Australia and New Zealand are awesome.

Being recognised as a great place to work is always very humbling for us. It shows us how lucky we are that such awesome, talented people have chosen to build their careers here. So today we’re super-excited to share the news that our teams in Australia and New Zealand have been awarded a Great Place To Work accreditation. Huge congratulations, to everyone. Great job. And who better to tell you all about it than the people themselves?


Troy Taylor is Vice President & General Manager at LEGO® Australia & New Zealand. It’s his job to lead all facets of the business and ensure we reach as many children with our iconic brick as possible:

"I’ve had the privilege to work for the LEGO Group for 20 years across various markets around the world. This is great recognition for our team who have all played a part in creating such a strong culture in our workplace, which is characterised by fun, creativity, caring and delivering world-class results.

“It helps to have some fantastic facilities to enjoy when we come to work each day. The location is perfect. Just imagine looking out at the beautiful views of the harbour. Our tech is designed to take some of the hassle out of the day-to-day, so we can concentrate on what’s important in our roles. And we have fun. What’s the point in doing a job if you don’t enjoy it; how could you not enjoy working somewhere with large-scale LEGO® models everywhere? They make us smile. That’s an important thing to be able to do the work.


“Everything we do here contributes to our mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. That’s an amazing purpose for us to bond around. We believe in the power of play and we succeed and grow together, every single day, to bring that to children in the best ways we can possibly imagine. We inspire each other because our reason for being here is inspiring.

“Over the course of my career here, working for a multinational company with a global mindset has allowed me to experience so many different cultures. It’s enabled me to continuously learn new skills and perspectives. Not many people can say they enjoy coming to work each day, but I still enjoy my role and the company culture just as much as I did when I first started, which keeps me engaged and motivated to strive for more.“


This is a theme picked up on by Trade Marketing Manager, Olivia:

“When I first started here, the thing I remember most was being encouraged to just have FUN! Whether it’s in exploring something new for a project or just sitting down, taking some time for yourself, and building part of a LEGO set that we have in the office. It never ceases to amaze me just how much fun working here can be. In a world where we sometimes just need to have a laugh or a release, I have never felt that we cannot do our jobs exceptionally well while enjoying ourselves along the way.”


Being able to do a great job is something that Demand Planning Manager, Jeremy, is keen to focus on too:

“I think this award recognises things like the fact leaders of the business care about us as individuals. They trust us. In my case, it means having the freedom to make the decisions that I believe are best for the market or my role. That’s empowering. I think it also recognises our strong bonds as a team; the fact we’ll go the extra mile for one another.”


Our colleagues make everywhere we work a great experience. Our People Operations and Development Partner, Nadeesha, believes she knows why this might be. So we’ll leave the last words to her.

“It’s incredibly important to know that I’m living my purpose and contributing to something much bigger than myself, where I can create a positive impact on others and the broader community. Our actions speak far louder than words, and our colleagues can truly see the immense positive impact we make on children, our communities, and the world.”

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