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The Best LEGO® Storage Ideas

The Best LEGO® Storage Ideas

LEGO® bricks, sets, and completed builds are super fun to play with, but when the playing is done they have to be stored somewhere! Everyone has felt the pain of stepping on a rogue LEGO brick left on the floor. So we thought we would help out by providing a few of the best LEGO storage ideas for LEGO bricks, sets, and much more. And also, we have some amazing ideas for displaying your favorite LEGO sets and LEGO Minifigures that we found are popular amongst our fans! 

LEGO Storage Ideas for Kids

It is said that stepping on a LEGO brick is worse than walking on fire or ice, which is why it is so important that they are easily stored and organized and we have many fun and colorful options to choose from for kids of all ages. 

LEGO Sorting Box

The ideal storage option for small children on the go, our suitcase-shaped LEGO Sorting Box is a perfect way for them to keep their LEGO bricks and elements separate and safe when on the move. 

LEGO Storage Drawers

With LEGO Storage Drawers, it’s easy to keep things organized at home, with the bonus of a cool design to make a mark in any room. Place on the floor, on a desk, or on a shelf with ease. Or, thanks to the LEGO brick design, stack them too. 

LEGO Storage Head

The perfect gift for LEGO fans! Store your LEGO bricks, accessories, or any other small items in this large, fun, bright yellow LEGO Storage Head and one of our newest products. Made from robust plastic, this large iconic LEGO Minifigure head is (available in a range of sizes and facial expressions) the perfect way to introduce additional storage options while adding some bold decor to any room. 


IKEA® and The LEGO Group have teamed up to create BYGGLEK — a range of simplistic, functional storage solutions with endless possibilities. Fully compatible with all LEGO bricks, you can easily build inside, outside, or around your new storage boxes. Meaning it’s more than a storage box. It’s also a blank canvas for decorating. 

LEGO® Iconic 4-Piece Organizer Tote and Playmat

One of the best LEGO storage ideas is the LEGO® Iconic 4-Piece Organizer Tote and Playmat. When empty, the tote bag acts as an engaging and practical playmat, available in a range of designs. Then, when the kids are finished playing, all you have to do is scoop up all of the LEGO bricks, put them in the bag, and use the drawstrings to close it securely. 

LEGO Cinch Buckets and LEGO Storage Buckets

Available in red and blue, LEGO Cinch Buckets are durable, water-resistant, and perfect for transporting and storing LEGO sets anywhere in the home. Our LEGO Storage Bucket is a slightly larger bucket also equipped with pockets for storing other LEGO toys, manuals, and more.

LEGO Storage Ideas for Adults

Are you an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO brand) and unsure of where to store your LEGO bricks? We have several options to recommend that will complement most interior designs and home decor.

LEGO Wooden Desk Drawers

Adults will love our LEGO Wooden Desk Drawers which are fun, practical and attractive options for storing smaller LEGO bricks, stationary and more! Made from FSC-certified oak and available in light oak and dark oak shades, our desk drawers can be stacked together to create a stylish storage solution.

LEGO Storage Containers and Rack Systems

Do you have lots of LEGO bricks and sets lying around and have nowhere to store them? You can easily store all of your LEGO bricks and other items in fun LEGO Storage Containers that brighten up your home.

Cube and Trofast Shelves

IKEA Trofast shelves and cube-based storage offer a brilliant way to store all of your or your LEGO bricks and sets. Not only does it look great in any room and ensure as much floor space as possible is available, but it also encourages improved organizational skills — which is always a bonus!

Creative DIY Storage Ideas

Do you enjoy crafting and creating your own storage solutions? Our community is very creative, always coming up with DIY sets, which now also include fun and inventive storage ideas. You can create most of these with materials from our LEGO Bricks and Accessories.

DIY LEGO Activity Table

If you’re very creative and want to get more hands-on DIY LEGO® storage ideas, DIY activity tables are a fantastic option. Once you have found a suitable table from your favorite store, you need to modify it for LEGO bricks compatibility. Doing so not only provides a fun space for kids or adults to use LEGO bricks, but activity tables are also great LEGO storage ideas for built sets. It’s an excellent way to display your creations!

DIY Toolbox Storage

This is likely one of the most common and recognizable LEGO storage ideas to date. When looking for simple, efficient, and cost-effective storage solutions — you can’t go wrong with a toolbox. They’re already designed to store a range of items, varying in size and shape. Exactly like LEGO bricks! Using the various compartments and drawers, you can find a home for both large and small LEGO items.

DIY Closet with Built-In Shelves

DIY closets with built-in shelves allow you to create storage ideas that perfectly suit your needs, rather than adjusting your requirements to suit the storage options available. This is great for LEGO storage ideas as you can design shelving units with your collection in mind. Whether that’s your collection of LEGO bricks or creating spaces to display completed sets. The options are endless!


DIY LEGO walls are a classic storage and display idea that are both practical and exciting. If you’re looking to create a permanent LEGO wall, there are some great tutorials online worth checking out before you grab the tools. However, for non-permanent ideas, you can also get stick-on walls to avoid any significant DIY.

LEGO Storage Ideas for Built Sets

Do you have a built LEGO set that you want to keep in mint condition? Then these storage ideas are the perfect solution that we see our fans using to store their built sets!

LEGO 4-Stud and 8-Stud Brick Shelves

All fans of LEGO bricks can keep their rooms tidy and organized with our LEGO 4-Stud Brick Shelf and our LEGO 8-Stud Brick Shelf both of which are great for storing smaller LEGO sets and LEGO minifigures. They are also available in an assortment of striking colors and make a lovely gift.

Floating Shelving Units

Every LEGO enthusiast needs a cool place to show off their built sets! Floating shelving units are a great option as they look clean, classy, and organized. Whether you install a single shelf or multiple shelves together, it creates a wonderful display space and focal point of any room.


One of the most classic and conventional storage and display solutions, the bookshelf. Often people decorate bookshelves with bookends or other little trinkets, but you can do better than that by showing off your LEGO sets. Doing so not only makes your shelves look amazing but also adds a sense of personality to the space.

Display Case

LEGO sets come in many different shapes, sizes, and difficulties, all of which are most definitely worth being proud of. Display cases ensure that your completed sets are safe at all times across your journey of building, building and rebuilding, and it also offers a more classy way to display creations you are proud of. Also, it’s a great way to show kids how proud you are of their achievements by displaying them for everyone to see especially in our mini display case.

Hung from the Wall (or Ceiling!)

Anyone who has spent time in toy shops will be no stranger to LEGO sets hanging from the ceiling or the wall. It’s a great way to show off your best work and built sets - especially if they are wall art, planes, spaceships, and other creations you want to keep safe above the ground! However, it’s also essential to make sure you install safe and sturdy hooks to hang your built sets such as the hanging hooks found in this World Map LEGO set.

LEGO Storage Ideas for LEGO Minifigures

There are several unique ways you can store your LEGO Minifigures from official LEGO products and creative ways our fans display their creations! 

LEGO Minifigure Display Case

Your LEGO collection is something to be proud of and therefore something you need to keep safe. LEGO Minifigure display cases provide a great storage and display solution with the additional protection of a closed case. 

DIY Cubbies for LEGO Minifigures

Cubbies are great for storing and displaying your LEGO Minifigures, the little heroes of the LEGO world. You can create your own DIY LEGO Minifigure cubby by combining and stacking several brick shelves together and adding building plates into the “cubbies” that have been created. Your LEGO Minifigures will stay in place and provide a great place to display individual or groups of LEGO Minifigures — you know, just in case any superheroes decide to assemble! 

Display Frame

Display frames are among the most creative and best LEGO storage ideas for displaying LEGO Minifigures that we have seen our fans use! Whether you want to display a special LEGO Minifigure in a fun and exciting way or group a range of LEGO Minifigures together, there’s unlimited potential for creativity! 


Much like cubbies, stands are a simple and effective way to store and display your LEGO Minifigure collection and are popular amongst our fans for villain and hero-inspired LEGO Minifigures. You can find stands online in a range of designs or build one yourself using LEGO bricks if you have a specific design in mind. 

LEGO Storage Ideas for Instructions and Manuals

Instruction and manuals are a key part of every LEGO set, but how do you store them and ensure you can access them at a later date? 

LEGO Brick Bookrack

Our LEGO Brick Bookrack, available in several colors, is the perfect way to keep your instructions and manuals safe and out of the way until you need them for your next rebuild! You can mount our LEGO Brick Bookracks on the wall, sit them on a desk or combine them with other LEGO shelves and drawers for more storage. We also have a LEGO Wooden Book Rack which is more mature choice for our adult fans! 

File Storage

When it comes to LEGO sets, instruction manuals are the unsung heroes that save the day and prevent frustration — so keep them safe! You can do so easily with a range of file storage solutions such as plastic wallets, folders, etc. This means you’ll know exactly where important manuals are when you need them most while protecting them from wear and tear. 

Binder (or Our App)

For years, binders have been the go-to for collectors or enthusiasts looking for a safe and organized way to store their possessions. If you’re someone who has LEGO manuals and instructions that need to be stored safely — for collection purposes or future use — binders offer a simple, efficient, and cost-effective solution. 

You can also find all of our instructions in our LEGO Building Instructions App!

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