Why join us

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Working at the LEGO Group is more than just fun: it’s exciting, inspiring, and filled with creativity. It’ll spark your imagination every day, and might just inspire you to explore career directions you’d never considered before. There’s a lot to discover, so start here.

An awesome culture

Children are our role models, and we look to them as a constant source of inspiration. They’re curious, creative and imaginative. Our purpose and values help create a culture of fairness, trust and mutual respect that we are proud of. Everyone plays their part in leadership here too; it empowers our people and creates a safe space for everyone to live their purpose and succeed together. And we believe that play brings all of this to life.

Our pay & benefits

Our purpose and culture make working at the LEGO Group a truly rewarding experience. Our benefits package does too. Depending on the role you have and where in the world you work, you can expect to be offered benefits such as:

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    Our families are important to us. From becoming a new parent where we offer enhanced leave for both parents or caring for a loved one in their time of need we have created paid leave options to support colleagues during those really important times.

  • Shopping bag discount


    We know that our colleagues are fans and love to build with their families so of course, we offer a generous colleague discount.

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    Vacation leave

    We offer paid vacation leave, so you can go out and create, explore and get inspired by our world.

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    All colleagues in our LEGO® team are covered through our life and disability insurance which provides protection and peace of mind.

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    Every year our colleagues can volunteer in their local community to help children develop skills needed to thrive, and have lots of fun!

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    We have health and wellbeing initiatives to support our people. From mindfulness to on-site gyms… every location has something different to offer.

  • pay


    Wherever we work, we make sure our pay is competitive, fair and equal.

  • dollars bonus scheme

    Global bonus scheme

    We do our best work to succeed together. When goals are reached our colleagues are rewarded through our global bonus scheme.

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    Play Day

    When we play, we develop playful skills so once a year LEGO® colleagues across the world stop working to have a day dedicated to play. The day itself is designed to surprise and inspire and is filled with lots of powerful play activities.

Family Bonds

Building family bonds

From their first day of employment, all LEGO® colleagues are offered extended paid parental leave, no matter their family constellation, how they identify, where they live, or what job role they hold.

  • Learning and development

    Learning & development

    Your journey as part of our LEGO® team starts with an immersive onboarding experience, where you will be supported by your own ‘Brick Mate’ who will make sure everything is awesome from day 1. From then we believe in providing all our colleagues with the choice to grow in the direction you choose; this could be building technical skills or supporting you in developing yourself as an individual. However you like to learn we’ll then make supporting your continued growth our priority.

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    Working here

    Driven by your purpose and supported by LEGO Ways of Working you'll be given the space to to do your best at work. To energize you we’ve created workplaces that will wow and inspire you to be curious, creative and imaginative. They are characterized as fun and inspiring, playful, diverse and they seek to provide a caring home-like feel.

LEGO build for play day

Play Day

Our Play Day is exactly what it sounds like. One day a year, all our colleagues around the world take the day to simply play. It’s all about building relationships, sparking creativity, exploring the power of play, sharing great moments and, of course, having fun!

Our Leadership Playground

For us, leadership isn’t a position – it’s an act. It’s a way of doing things that brings the best out of people. And it’s for everyone.

This is what our Leadership Playground is all about. It creates the space so that everybody feels energized everyday. It was created by the LEGO Group, for the LEGO Group, and is an inclusive model which makes sure that you’re heard, seen, valued, respected, and able to make a bigger contribution. Here are the three behaviors of the Leadership Playground, and a look at what they’ll mean to you.

  • Brave woman

    Be Brave

    You’ll care enough about your work and your team to contribute constructively. Do the right thing, stand by your decisions and challenge the status quo.

  • Bulb

    Be Curious

    Opportunities are created when new ideas are explored. So get ready to ask lots of questions, learn, experiment and create.

  • Target

    Be Focused

    Stay true to our purpose, and prioritize actions to deliver on commitments that help bring it to life.

Energise Everybody Everyday

This is what we believe leadership should do. By living the three behaviours here, you’ll be inspired to deliver your best – and you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Local community engagement LEGO build

Local community engagement

Working for us means becoming a Play Ambassador. Our Local Community Engagement programme will support you to spend two days each year inspiring and developing children through play. There are all kinds of activities and events to get involved in, and you’ll be welcome to suggest ideas for new ones. If it’s playful and it benefits children, we’re in!

What's going on

This is just a quick look at the LEGO Group, but there’s a lot more to explore.