LEGO Group's Production Facilities

The LEGO Group has production facilities in Monterrey (Mexico), Billund (Denmark), Nyíregyháza (Hungary), Kladno (Czech Republic) and Jiaxing (China). All our production facilities adhere to the same strict safety and quality regulations, and the methods used to produce LEGO elements are standardized across our factories. 


"Working in LOM or in a global company it's awesome because you have the opportunity to know other people from different countries. You can learn with the different sites or different benchmark with colleagues. You can be more present globally. "
-Jorge Robles, Process Engineer, Monterrey, Mexico

The LEGO Group's meticulous approach to product quality and safety and ensured us zero product recalls since 2009. Our world-class accomplishments in making safe products enable us to play a central role in major associations promoting and regulating toy safety in the world, including the European and international toy safety standarization committees.

Each LEGO element and all LEGO products adhere to the strictest global safety and quality standards. To make LEGO elements as safe as scientifically reasonable we begin our work as soon as the idea of a new LEGO product is born. 

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