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The power of LEGO Education

LEGO Education is responsible for developing and selling educational solutions tailored for the international educational market, with the purpose of providing curriculum relevant, engaging, hands-on and creative learning experiences. If you would like to see our LEGO Education roles, please CLICK HERE.

Allison Zarick

“Working in Boston is incredible. We are right in the center of everything here in the Back Bay. It's so much fun. The energy is incredible. The people are great. It's just such a mecca for culture and education so it really fits in with our culture at LEGO Education.”
-Allison Zarick, Customer Service Lead, LEGO Education, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Andrew King

“Working for a global company is amazing, especially working for LEGO and LEGO Education because we are impacting teachers across the world and students as well.”
-Andrew King, Digital Marketing Coordinator, LEGO Education, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

About LEGO Education

For 35 years, LEGO® Education has been working with teachers and educational specialists to provide solutions and resources that are used in the classroom to bring subjects to life and make learning fun. 

While exam scores may continue to dominate education agendas, research shows that greater benefits can be leveraged by focusing on applying knowledge as a means to expand learning rather than acquiring knowledge in order to pass examinations. The role of educators is changing. 

Our portfolio inspires interest in Preschool, Humanities, Math, Science, Technology, Engineering and Computer Science. With educational sets, activity packs, teacher resources and programming tools we can make learning inspiring and meet your curriculum needs. 

As part of the LEGO Group, we have offices across the globe and more than 180 employees who share the Group vision to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. Ultimately, LEGO Education strives to encourage students to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future. To learn more about LEGO Education, please visit www.legoeducation.com