LEGO® Dinosaur Toys

Who wouldn’t want to see one of these prehistoric giants like the T. rex or Giganotosaurus in real life? What could be a bigger thrill than bringing a T. rex, Pteranodon or the whole Jurassic World universe to life, using just your imagination? Find the perfect dinosaur toys for kids of all ages right here!

Get to know your dinosaur

We modern-day people will never know what it’s like to meet a T. Rex or other prehistoric creatures in real life. And that is exactly what the eternal fascination with these giants is all about. And how would they interact with humans, in cities or in the wild? The ‘what if’ play scenarios your child’s imagination can conjure up with toy dinosaurs are endless! Whether you’re looking for the perfect dinosaur toy for your toddlers, preschoolers or older kids, start your journey here.

Help the ancient babies recover

Even predators get hurt when hunting for the best meal, luckily, we’ve got the best dino-recovery facility in the jungle.

We spared no expense

The Jurassic Park Visitor Center has got everything! A kitchen, dinosaur eggs hatching, a cool T. rex skeleton and … wait, is that a live T. rex?

Driving with dinosaurs

Get up close and personal with the giants on a jaw-dropping tour around the park! And don’t worry, this one won’t bite… unless you’re made of leaves.
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