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    LEGO® Life is full of your stuff!

  • An app full of cool stuff. An app full of your cool stuff. Let your LEGO Life begin today! The launch version of LEGO® Life is only the beginning. We’ll be adding more and more features as the months go by, so it will just get better and better!

  • Pick ‘n’ mix the best bits

    Select the LEGO® stuff you like, then watch your screen blow up with cool stuff just for you!

  • Rise to the challenge

    Dare yourself to try something new every day…

  • Building challenges

    Test your skills with fiendishly tricky building challenges

  • Decorating challenges

    Sticker yourself silly with cool art activities

  • Quizzes

    Show off your knowledge with memory-stretching quizzes

  • Share your genius

    Built something epic? Take a photo, tag it, share it, and let the admiration roll in.

  • How it all works

    Hints, Tips, Bits

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  • This is your app, so here’s a crash course in how to steer it.