• Here you’ll find all you need to know about LEGO® Life!

  • 1) Creating a new account in the LEGO® Life app...

    - Where do I sign up?

    In the welcome screen, select “Sign in”. Create a new user using your existing LEGO ID username and password, or by tapping “Don’t have a LEGO ID?” and following the onscreen instructions.

    - How do I create a nickname?

    The Nickname Generator allows you to select the name that others will see in the app and creates randomized options for you to choose from. You can scroll back and forth through ten possible nicknames, but lose one option when you scroll to the eleventh, and so on. Choose carefully! Right now, your nickname can’t be changed once you’ve accepted one.

    - I didn’t do any of that! What can I do without signing in?

    You can use the app without logging in by tapping “look around”. BUT you can’t upload your creations, customize your avatar, receive personalized content suggestions, save your favorite pictures, videos or challenges. Logging in with a LEGO ID allows you to use all of these great features! To sign in, just tap on the minifigure head and then the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • 2) I’m signed in! How do I share pictures in the LEGO Life app?

    In a challenge, just tap “Upload image” and follow the instructions. To take a photo and just upload it to a group, tap the minifigure head and swipe down to find the “Add a photo” icon. In the image gallery, tap the camera icon to access your device’s camera and follow the instructions. Then tap on “Share it”, or “Keep private”.

  • 3) I’ve uploaded the wrong picture! How can I delete it?

    Right now, it isn’t possible, sorry, so be absolutely sure you want to make your picture public. You can keep uploaded images private until you’re ready. Just tap “Keep private” and the lock icon will tell you that no one else can see it.

  • 4) I uploaded an image but it hasn’t appeared yet. What’s happened?

    Everything in the LEGO Life app gets “moderated” before it gets shared, to make sure there is nothing rude, scary or violent there. We check there is no identifying info, like your name or a school logo, that everything is your own work and that the picture isn’t blurry or unclear. We do all this as quickly as possible, but sometimes there’s a short wait. 

  • 5) How do I enter competitions?

    Just upload and share a picture of your model or artwork by tapping on “Upload Image” in the competition. Easy. You’ll need to be signed-in with a LEGO ID, and models must contain only LEGO elements, no real people or identifying information. Note that competitions have deadlines, age restrictions and other rules to follow.

  • 6) What is the Avatar builder and how does it work?

    Create an onscreen image to accompany your uploads and comments, using minifigure parts and accessories! You create one on sign-up and can edit or add different avatars whenever you like. Tap the minifigure head at the bottom of the screen to see your avatar, then tap it to make changes! Check out the video on the "How-to" page for more info.

  • 7) Can I post videos in the LEGO Life app?

    Right now, it isn’t possible to upload and share videos in the app, but this is something we are working towards!

  • 8) In which countries is the LEGO Life app available?












     The Netherlands



     Czech Republic


     New Zealand

     South Korea












     Costa Rica








     South Africa 






     Hong Kong



























     Saudi Arabia






  • 9) Will the LEGO Life app be available in other countries?

    The following countries will be launching LEGO Life in 2019:



  • 10) What are the minimum technical requirements for the app?

    Apple devices:

     iOS version 10.0 or higher

     iPhone 5 or newer

     iPad (2012), iPad mini 2, iPad Air or newer

     1024 MB of RAM


     Open GL ES 2.0 Support


    Android devices:

     Android version 4.2x or higher (API Level: 17 aka Jelly Bean)

     1024 MB of RAM


     Device camera

     Normal screen, HDPI or higher (minimum 480x800, 240dpi)

     Open GL ES 2.0 Support

  • 11) What is the new scanner feature in LEGO® Life, and what do I need to use it? 

    It scans LEGO QR codes that can be found on LEGO building instructions, giving you access to content unique to that particular set.

    Select sets include 3D digital building instructions that provide an interactive and easy way to build your new set. Other sets may include new Build Ideas for your set so you can get the most out of it!

    All sets include a digital copy of the building instruction. Add the set to your LEGO Life Account in the LEGO Life app so you can always easily find your LEGO building instructions.

    - How do I scan?

    Place the center of the square on the scanning screen in front of the LEGO QR code on the front of the set building instruction. When scanning is successful, the unique set contents will appear. 

    - Which codes can I scan?

    Most of the new LEGO sets have a LEGO QR code on the front cover of the building instructions.

    You can only scan official LEGO QR codes from the cover of the building instructions, and not other QR codes. You cannot scan other QR codes or bar codes that appear on a LEGO box or on set bags.

    - I have a new box with a LEGO QR code, but it says that the code is not valid?!

    Poor lighting conditions can make the code scanning fail even though you may have a valid code. Please try scanning again in better lightning conditions.

    You can also find the set by searching for the set number in search. If problems persist, please contact customer service.

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