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LEGO® Star Wars™

Brickorama Tutorials

Build the Force! Test your building skills as you create awesome Star Wars™ scenes from your LEGO® bricks!

Start your journey from Padawan to Master

It’s time to put your building skills (and Star Wars™ knowledge…) to the test!

How will you build your brick diorama? Will you build an existing Star Wars scene or create a new one? Will it be set in the deserts of Tatooine or the ice of Hoth? Character-filled or landscape-driven? The choices are yours…

  • Padawan

    Make a Scene

    Learn about brickoramas and how they get made!

  • Padawan

    Plan Your Planet

    Perfect the many landscapes of the Star Wars™ saga.

  • Jedi

    How to Greeble

    Build one of the most iconic Star Wars™ visual effects.

  • Jedi

    Character Building

    Grab top tips on making your minifigures stand out.

  • Master

    Play with SNOT

    (That’s ‘Studs Not On Top’, in case you were wondering…)

  • Master

    Go Big or Go Home

    Capture the entire galaxy in a brickorama.

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Need inspiration? See what LEGO® Star Wars™ fans like you have been creating!


    Creating a LEGO® diorama, or brickorama, is a great way to show off your building skills while also telling a story captured in time. Brickoramas can be small or BIG like this brickorama by David Hall. In his build, he’s telling the story of The Bad Batch being hunted down by Imperial Troops in the forests of Daro. Desperate to find cover, the gang reaches a hillside where they meet Crosshair alongside a pack of Stormtroopers. In the skies, a fierce battle between good and evil is taking place. Watch his how-to videos to get some info about how to create your own brickorama and tell your story.


    It may sound funny, but SNOT is no joke. It stands for ‘Studs Not On Top’ and it’s a great way of building with LEGO® bricks! Building the SNOT way means angling your bricks in a way that brings landscapes to life. Check out this video where David Hall takes you through how he used SNOT to build his brickorama, and for examples of how you can do it yourself!


    Want to make a Speeder fly? Bring big action to life using transparent bricks! In this video, David Hall takes you through all of the pieces and techniques he uses to make his ships appear to be flying in his brickorama. What can you make fly in your brickorama? Give it a try!


    Want to add some character emotion to your set-up? Pay attention to your minifigures! With little arms that swing, tiny hands that rotate and different facial expressions, you can do a lot with a minifigure. Take a look at this video to see how David Hall brings his minifigures to life.

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